Period 2 – World History (S.D.A.I.E. – E.L.L.) Lesson Plan (11-1-2016)

Period 2 - World History


Note from Mr. Tyler:

I wish I was with you folks, looks like I will be returning tomorrow for sure. Follow the instructions below and e-mail me with any questions. MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLUGGING IN LAPTOPS AND HITTING THE BLACK RECHARGE BUTTON ON THE INSIDE OF THE CART. WHEN YOU FAIL TO DO SO OTHER CLASSES CANNOT USE THE CHROMEBOOKS!!!!!!

Task #1

You have had three days to conduct your research. Today you need to move on to the next step. We will be having several teachers staying with us tomorrow to see your work. Follow the steps below to get your research presentation ready.

Step #1 –

Choose a method you wish to use to display your work:

Presentation Tool Options

Option #1 – Prezi Use this tutorial/how-to to help you out.

Option #2 – Thinglink  Use this tutorial/how-to to help you out.

Option #3 – HSTRY– When creating your timeline, title it Imperialism. If using this tool- one person will be responsible to copy the information from the Google Doc onto the timeline. Everyone else is to make sure all text is ready to copy, find pics and share them with the editor, and share YouTube links to embed with the editor. Tutorial/How-to

Option #4 – Google Slides– go to your Google Drive. Use this tutorial/how-to to help you out.

Step #2

Make sure you are familiar with the aspects of your project below.

  1. a Works Cited page of research sites (minimum of 3)
  2. Present their findings in a three minute oral presentation utilizing a multimedia presentation (such as Google Doc, ThingLink, Prezi, include a brief video linked or embedded in project).
  3. Students will receive an individual grade based on content, citation, and oral presentation delivery.

Step #3

Look over the grading rubric below in order to understand how you will be scored.


  • LEVEL 0 –  will be non completed assignments
  • LEVEL 1 –  content score will have answered partial/some of  who, what, when, where, how, and why of the selected topic.
  • LEVEL 2 –  content score will have answered ALL the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the selected topic
  • LEVEL 3 –  content score will have answered the level two requirement AND discusses the significance in history of the event/topic.
  • LEVEL 4 content score will have answered the level three requirement AND connects their topics to modern issues or problems.