Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (12-3-2014)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:



Students will be able to know the basics of identifying lying as well have experience identifying low level lying.


Task #1 – First I will hand out index cards to you all. On these cards I want you to do three things:

1- Put your name in the uppor right hand corner

2- Give me your definition of lying

3- How do you spot lying?

Task #2 – Now we will set up a cornell note paper for our information today on lying.

Task #3 – Today’s essential question: What are the physical and emotional signs that someone is lying?

Task #4 Р Introductory video to the science of lying.

Task #5 – Brief discussion on what we learned from the 8 minute video.

Task #6 – Introductory video on the science on watching eye movement to determine if someone is lying.

Task #7 – Science experiment. On a seperate sheet of paper set up the following format:


Visual recall (eye movement directions Example: ^ >)

Question (write a question that will require a peer to remember something that they saw)

List of names of peers you asked your question to and their eye movement.

Task #8 – Results of experiment:

Trial #1 – 48.6% accuracy (48.6% to eye movements did what they were supposed to do according to the science video)


Make sure to review your Cornell notes on Identifying Lying tonight!