My Classroom

Welcome to my classroom page. Here I post photos of my classroom from time to time so you see how I arrange(d) my student desks and furniture and for what reason. Newest photos are near the top. Older photos are towards the bottom. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

June 2017 – I left traditional public education to work for a charter school instead. This is my current work space which allows for true small group direct instruction of up to eight students at a time when I am not in a traditional classroom on site.

My Classroom (9-17-2014)

My Classroom2 (9-17-2014)September 2014 – This year I decided I like having rows of desks in pairs. This easily allows for individual work, paired work, or as the second photo above shows, easy development to groups of four for peer work with more students.

#11 My Classroom - January 2014January 2014 – The Bill of Rights activity was left on the walls to act as a great reference tool for both Criminal Behavior students (many of whom had me for Introduction to Law & the Legal System the semester prior) as well as the American Government students.

#10 My Classroom - November 2013November 2013 – This photo is also from Mock Trial. This is the student jury box.

#9 My Classroom - November 2013November 2013 – The next major event for Introduction to Law & the Legal System students after their mock crime scene was a mock trial. Students practiced roles and background for each position in the court. We also went through three mock trials before one was used as a performance based final assessment for the course.

#8.5 My Classroom - October 2013October 2013 – Introduction to Law & the Legal System students worked their first mock crime scene.

#8 My Classroom - September 2013September 2013 – Large weekly calendar of events was placed on a side whiteboard for students to see upcoming events in class.

#7 My Classroom - August 2013August 2013 – At the beginning of this year student desks were placed in groups of three so that more peer to peer activities could be implemented faster.

#6 My Classroom - August 2012August 2012 – Census poster arrived and was placed on the wall as a great reference tool during U.S. Government and Economics

#5 My Classroom - August 2011August 2011 – In order to help students struggling with geography I posted up a large map of the world in my classroom windows. A great unexpected benefit from doing this was it gave foreign exchange students a great place to go to show people where they are from at any time during the day.

#4 My Classroom -November 2009November 2009 – World History students posters from the French Revolution and timeline projects are put back up around the top of the room. These students are now returning to me as seniors and I wanted to show the connections between what they had done in World History with what we were going to be doing in American Government.

#2 My Classroom - February 2008February 2008 – Computer desk placed in the center of the room so students can be rotated through and assist in presenting digital material for the current lesson and thus get experience using a computer and its features.

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