Physical Science

Course Description:

Physical Science students will be able to communicate their findings using scientific observations, data collections, and analyses. They will be able to use appropriate tools to perform investigations and understand how science is incorporated in our lives. In this course, students will focus on the chemical and physics aspects of physical science. Students will understand characteristics of various materials and provide explanations of their behaviors by analyzing their molecular composition. Students will practice writing and validating scientific reports and justify their findings using graphs and tables to show their quantitative and qualitative data. Students will also gain the experience necessary to perform simple lab techniques such as measuring, filtering, and diluting. Due to the high rigor of this class, Algebra 1 knowledge is required to succeed.

Course Resources: 


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Physical Science A/Semester 1

Unit 1

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Science

Unit 2

Chapter 2 – Matter

Chapter 3 – States of Matter

Unit 3

Chapter 4 – Atoms

Chapter 5 – The Periodic Table

Unit 4

Chapter 6 – The Structure of Matter

Chapter 7 – Chemical Reactions

Unit 5

Chapter 8 – Solutions

Chapter 9 – Acids, Bases, and Salts

Chapter 10 – Nuclear Changes


Physical Science B/Semester 2

Unit 6

Chapter 11 – Motion

Chapter 12 – Forces

Unit 7

Chapter 13 – Work and Energy

Chapter 14 – Heat and Temperature

Unit 8

Chapter 15 – Waves

Chapter 16 – Sound and Light

Unit 9

Chapter 17 – Electricity

Unit 10

Chapter 18 – Magnetism


Whole Course Resources:

Whole Course Resource A: Physical Science Textbook (Older Edition)