Film Analysis


For both Film Analysis A & B you will need to watch three films from each category per unit and do a movie map for each. Below I have linked several films per unit for convenience. This page is a work in progress. If there is a film you would like me to add faster please e-mail your request to


Film Analysis A

Unit 1 (Drama) Movies:

Link -> Its a Wonderful Life


Unit 2 (Epics/Historical) Movies:


Unit 3 (Comedy) Movies:


Unit 4 (Musical/Animation) Movies:


Unit 5 (War/Western) Movies:


Film Analysis B

Unit 6 (Thriller/Horror) Movies:


Unit 7 (Crime/ Film Noir) Moves:


Unit 8 (Action/adventure) Movies:


Unit 9 (Art House) Movies:


Unit 10 (Science Fiction / Fantasy) Movies: