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I.Constitutional Underpinnings of United States Government. 5–15%

A. Considerations that influenced the formulation and adoption of the Constitution
B. Separation of powers
C. Checks and balances
D. Federalism
E. Theories of democratic government


Web Links:

Link-> An Educational Guide to Checks & Balances

Thank you Luke W. for the recommended web link above.


Downloadable Content:

1. Constitutional Underpinnings

2. American Federalism


Primary Reading:

Primary Reading – An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution – Charles Beard

Primary Reading – The Founding Fathers – A Reform Caucus in Action – John Roche

An Analysis of John Roche’s Essay

Primary Reading – Taking Sides- Were the Founding Father Democratic Reformers


Recommended Book:

Legacy (1987) by: James Michener Concept: The U.S. Constitution



Flag Image DividerII. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties . 5–15%

A. The development of civil liberties and civil rights by judicial interpretation
B. Knowledge of substantive rights and liberties
C. The impact of the Fourteenth Amendment on the constitutional development of rights and liberties

Downloadable Content:

3. Civil Rights

4. Civil Liberties

Recommended Book:

Anthem (1938) By Ayn Rand Concept: Objectivism/Collectivism


Flag Image DividerIII. Political Beliefs and Behaviors. 10–20%

A. Beliefs that citizens hold about their government and its leaders
B. Processes by which citizens learn about politics
C. The nature, sources, and consequences of public opinion
D. The ways in which citizens vote and otherwise participate in political life
E. Factors that influence citizens to differ from one another in terms of political beliefs and behaviors

Downloadable Content:

5. Public Opinion

Recommended Book:

Animal Farm (1946) by: George Orwell Concept: Dystopia/Corruption


Flag Image DividerIV. Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Mass Media. 10–20%

A. Political parties and elections
1. Functions
2. Organization
3. Development
4. Effects on the political process
5. Electoral laws and systems
B. Interest groups, including political action committees (PACs)
1. The range of interests represented
2. The activities of interest groups
3. The effects of interest groups on the political process
4. The unique characteristics and roles of PACs in the political process
C. The mass media
1. The functions and structures of the news media
2. The impacts of the news media on politics
3. The news media industry and its consequences

Downloadable Content:

6. Interest Groups

7. Political Parties

8. Media


Bias Slant Chart

Red = Conservative / Blue = Liberal

TV News Political Slant

Worksheet – Beware of Bias – Analyzing Misleading Graphs

News Links:

Business Insider – These Six Corporations Control 90% of Media

Recommended Book:

Fahrenheit  451 (1953) by Ray Bradbury Concept: Censorship


Flag Image DividerV. Institutions of National Government: The Congress, the Presidency, the Bureaucracy, and the Federal Courts. 35–45%

A. The major formal and informal institutional arrangements of power
B. Relationships among these four institutions and varying balances of power
C. Linkages between institutions and the following:
1. Public opinion and voters
2. Interest groups
3. Political parties
4. The media
5. State and local governments

Downloadable Content:

9.The Congress

10. The Presidency

11. The Bureaucracy

12. The Judiciary

Online Games: 

Branches of Government Game

Branches of Power Game

Checks & Balances Game 

What’s What in the Executive Branch?

Recommended Book:

All the President’s Men (1974) by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein Concept: Nixon/Watergate

Recommended Film:

Ken Burns: The Congress (1988)


Flag Image DividerVI. Public Policy. 5–15%

A. Policymaking in a federal system
B. The formation of policy agendas
C. The role of institutions in the enactment of policy
D. The role of the bureaucracy and the courts in policy implementation and interpretation
E. Linkages between policy processes and the following:
1. Political institutions and federalism
2. Political parties
3. Interest groups
4. Public opinion
5. Elections
6. Policy networks

Downloadable Content:

13. Domestic Policy

14. Economic and Regulatory Policy

15. Foreign and Defense Policy

16. Campaigns and Elections

Recommended Book:

Lone Survivor (2007) By Marcus Luttrell Concept: Foreign Policy


Flag Image Divider VII. Test Prep (Final Day)

Downloadable Material:

AP Test Prep – United States Government & Politics

AP Essay Prep – United States Government & Politics

2013 – U.S. Government A.P. Exam Free Response Questions

2013 – U.S. Government A.P. Exam Free Response Questions – Scoring Guide

2013 – U.S. Government A.P. Exam Free Response Questions – Disclosed Student Exam

2013 – U.S. Government A.P. Exam Free Response Questions – Student Performance Q&A


Flag Image DividerSTUDY GUIDES

MidCourse Study Guide – U.S. Government & Politics A.P. – A good mid course study guide created by Mr. Peoneil.

U.S. Government A.P. Final Study Guide – I designed this study guide format and image, the content though was developed by a teacher named Bill McElree. Mr. McElree was an A.P. Government teacher that was able to get his student passing rate for this A.P. exam up to 88% with an average of 66 students taking the exam per year.


Flag Image DividerONLINE GAMES

The ReDistricting Game – The Redistricting Game is designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens around the issue of political redistricting.”


Flag Image DividerWEBSITES

21 Charts That Exlain How the U.S. is Changing – Information about how we are getting more diverse as a country, older, and moving further westward. – House, Senate, and Electoral College interactive maps.

CIA.Gov – World FactBook – “The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.” – CIA.Gov – Nate Silver’s news website. Has information from politics to sports. – This is an online quiz site you can visit to see which candidate you most agree with.

Library of Congress – Presidential Inaugurations – A website containing information on the precendent set and notable events from inaugurations of the U.S. presidents. – Every candidate and their position on every issue. –  This website allows users to track federal campaign contributions and lobbying by lobbying firms, individual lobbyists, industry, federal agency, and bills. Other resources of the site include the personal financial disclosures of all members of the U.S. Congress, the president, and top members of the administration. Users can also search by ZIP codes to learn how their neighbors are allocating their political contributions.

Political Spectrum Tests List –  Fun to wander through to see where you stand.

Sabato’s Crystal Ball – “A comprehensive website run by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, Larry J. Sabato’s Crystal Ball features detailed and frequently updated analysis for elections across the country. The Crystal Ball keeps tabs on presidential elections, along with every Senate and gubernatorial race, as well as the tightest campaigns for the House.” – Every presidential campaign commercial since 1952! – Launched in 1995 by the 104th congress the THOMAS site provides viewers with information on practically every aspect of what has happened or is currently happening in the House and the Senate. – This is the United States Governments official portal on the internet. It is a one stop shop for finding information from immigration policies to grant information.

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