Wall Street Panoramic

Course Description:

This course will expose the student to the basic concepts found in the American and global economy of today. Students will learn the finer points of becoming a responsible consumer through building budgets and learning how to develop credit. Students will also learn about the various economic models, theories, and their effects on our economy. They will learn about investing, saving, and the risks involved in each. Students will also learn how other countries’ economies  compare to the economy of the United States. They will learn how and why some economic theories work, while others do not.

Course Resources:


Click on the chapter that you need help with below to be taken to a shared Google Drive folder.

UNIT 1 – Introduction to Economics

Topic #1 – What is Economics

Topic #2 – Economic Systems

Topic #3 – American Free Enterprise

UNIT 2 – How the Market Works

Topic #4 – Demand

Study Guide – Demand

Topic #5 – Supply

Study Guide – Supply

Topic #6 – Balancing the Market

Study Guide – Prices

Topic #7 – Market Structures

UNIT 3 – Business & Labor

Topic #8 – Business Organizations

Topic #9 – Labor

Unit 4 – Money, Banking, and Finance

Topic #10 – Money & Banking

Topic #11 – Financial Markets

Unit 5 – Measuring Economic Performance

Topic #12- Gross Domestic Product and Growth

Topic #13 – Economic Challenges

Unit 6 – Government & The Economy

Topic #14- Taxes and Government Spending

Topic #15 – Fiscal Policy

Topic #16 – The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

Unit 7 – The Global Economy

Topic #17 – International Trade

Topic #18- Economic Development and Transition


Things to Consider When Your Getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Business – Thinking about getting a degree in business? You should read over this article. Going for a business degree is a great idea, however, make sure you pick a specific major within the field of business if you want a higher odds of finding employment after college quickly.

ECONOMICS WEBSITES – Got a dollar on you? literally? plug in the serial number here and you will find out where it has been. For a real eye opener go to the map option and see how much physical money travels the globe.


Illusion of ChoiceIllusion of Choice (2014)

Marketing Technology Landscape (January 2014)Marketing Technology Landscape (January 2014)

The GeoSocial Universe (2013)The GeoSocial Universe (2013)

What Each Country Leads the World In

What Each Country Leads the World In (2008)

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