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The following information is provided to contact me or connect with me for more information from my site via social media networks:


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This number accepts text message only. Just a heads up.



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MrTylersLessons – Great website if you love to read and want to share what your reading with others.

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MrTylersLessons – I created this as a way to send reminders and information to students and anyone else who would like to follow along with what I am doing in my classroom.

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MrTylersLessons – I created this for the same reason  as Twitter. Its primary use is to send information and reminders to students.

32 thoughts on “Contact Me

    • If a student was not in class Friday their grade did drop. There was a 400 point assignment entitled “Mock Trial Debriefing Questions” that followed the jury deliberation. If you read the “Daily Teaching Summary 12-20-2013” you can read about everything we did that day.

  1. Mr.Tyler I have a zero on the homicide case study online case discussion, h.h. holmes analysis, and ticket prot diagnosis when I did all of these

    • Synergy has been acting up this morning. I just logged in to check your grade and your points for those assignments are there. I am going to e-mail you back at the e-mail you provided with a question though.

  2. Not at school today, getting paperwork in order for National guard , if possible, please email me any video that we took notes on. Please and thank you!

    • You should be. The introduction should hook the reader, then the next two paragraphs are about making the juvenile justice system tougher on juveniles, followed by two paragraphs about the opposite argument then your own personal stance on juvenile justice. Lastly you will add a conclusion informing the reader as to why they should care.

  3. Mr Tyler I don’t really know what we are suppose to do the sub wasn’t really clear and I looked on the website and I underlined the pages but don’t get what we are suppose to do with the poster so if you can get back to me as soon as possible thank you -per 2

    • As a group you take the information you just determined to be important and you put it up on the poster so that someone could look at it and, after reading it, understand who La Cosa Nostra are and what they do.

  4. It’s Me Jose Ochoa I looked on my grade book and it said it still had a C on it
    I was wondering that if my grade pumped up cuz of the tickets I gave u so if u can let me know cuz there saying I don’t have grades and I can’t play my last game they said so I’ll apprieate if u can let me know what I got thank you

  5. hi its elisa and i was wondering if there is anyway to were i can get my grade up to a b at least because everything is turned in just i have a c plus

  6. Mr. Tyler can you look over my grades? You gave me a 0 for some cornell notes assignments, although I did them and shared them to you.

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