Period 2 – World History Lesson Plan (S.D.A.I.E. – E.L.L.) (9-12-2016)

Period 2 - World History


Sorry I have to be gone unexpectedly. Today you will grab your Chromebook and accomplish two things:

1 – Finish the Cornell Notes on the American Revolution that we started on Friday.

2 – Study for a quiz on the American Revolution that you will take on Tuesday when I return.

All  specifics are posted below.  If your run into any issues E-MAIL ME immediately at and I will try to get back to you ASAP.


At the end of class make sure all chrome books are put away correctly and plugged in. When they are all plugged in push the black button on the inside of the Chromebook cart on the top left and this will tell the cart to charge the laptops. In order to get this extra credit all you need to do is have one person in the class take a photo of the inside of the cart to prove everything is put away correctly and either e-mail it to me at  OR post it to Instagram and tag me in at (Username: MrTylersLessons) and each student will have + 100 E.C. added to their grade TONIGHT!


World History Student Toolbox


TASK #1 – 

On Friday we all created a new Cornell Note sheet in a Google.doc for breaking down the events of the American Revolution. Today you are going to finish creating these Cornell Notes. There are several ways you can do this.

Version #1 – 

Click on World History Student Toolbox and open the file that says “Cornell Notes – American Revolution”. REMEMBER to DOWNLOAD the file. Do NOT select “Open With”. You can use this file to help you finish creating your Cornell Notes.

Version #2 – 

If Version #1 does not work or you do not see the file then use this route.  Go to your Google Drive and then go to “Shared with Me”. On Friday I shared the class World History Student Toolbox with everyone directly. You should see the folder there under your “Shared with Me” section. Click on it, open the file that says “Cornell Notes – American Revolution”. Use this file to finish creating your Cornell Notes.

Version #3 – 

If neither Version #1 or #2 work for whatever reason then you will need to use the internet to research the American Revolution to finish creating your Cornell Notes.

Task #2 – 

Tomorrow when I see you again we will be taking a quiz on the American Revolution right after the warm up. We will be doing one individually and in teams with a reward for the highest scores in both quizzes. Make sure to use any time remaining today to study for these quizzes.