Physical Science B – Lesson # 12 (2-26-2020)





Physical Science B – Unit 8 (Mr. Tyler Version)



  • Explain that waves transfer energy, not matter.
  • Distinguish between mechanical and electromagnetic waves.
  • Summarize the major properties and behavior of waves, including (but not limited to) wavelength, frequency, amplitude, speed, refraction, reflection and diffraction.


Course Digital Resources:

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amplitude: How far the medium (crests and troughs, or compression and rarefaction) moves from rest position (the place the medium is when not moving).

compression: When the particles of a longitudinal wave are close together.

compressional (longitudinal) wave: A wave in which the medium moves back and forth in the same direction as the wave.

crest: The highest point on a transverse wave.

diffraction: The bending of waves around an object.

electromagnetic wave: A wave that does not require a medium to travel, for example, it can travel through a vacuum. Also called an EM wave.

energy: The capacity to do work.

frequency: How many waves go past a point in one second. Measured in hertz (Hz).

mechanical wave: A wave that requires a medium to travel.

rarefaction : When the particles of a longitudinal wave are far apart.

reflection: When a wave bounces off a surface.

refraction: When a wave bends.

transverse wave: A wave in which the medium moves at right angles to the direction of the wave.

trough: The lowest point on a transverse wave.

wave: A disturbance that carries energy from one place to another.

wavelength: Distance between one point on a wave and the exact same place on the next wave.


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Task #1 

Handout – > Introduction to Waves Worksheet

Handout – > clem_waves_lesson02_worksheet

Handout – > clem_waves_lesson02_notes


Task #2

I want to get into the unit more today and make progress on the assignments.

Physical Science B – Unit 8 (Mr. Tyler Version)