Physical Science B – Lesson #4 (1-27-2020)


Introduction to Physical Science B!



PDF – Link -> Physical Science A – Unit 6 (Mr. Tyler Version)


Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will attain an 80% passage rate in 3 of 4 trials


How Physics relates to the world around us.

Life Connection:

Students will answer this question before leaving class today.

Behavioral Norms:

  • Learn from mistakes
  • Tolerance
  • Participate
  • Personal electronics only when appropriate

Key Concepts:

Patterns, Cause and Effect, System and System Models

Course Digital Resources:

Mr. Tyler Google Texting Number for Help: 1-562-270-5138

Link -> Mr. Tyler’s Physical Science Digital Resources

Warm Up: (15 Minutes)

CLICK HERE to be taken to quiz on the Unit 6 reading.

Room Number is “A89559b4”



Task #1 – (5 Minutes)

Turn In Newton Summative Projects

Rubric -> NewtonsLawsProjectAssignmentandRubric (1)

Student Sample -> NewtonsLawsProject-StudentSample (1)

Task #2 – Balloon Car Project Prep Sketch

Balloon Car Race Examples:

YouTube Link -> Balloon Car Race

Balloon Car Examples:


The Cars Designed by the students in Spring 2018:


Task #3 – Unit 6 Work (Momentum Practice) Problems

I want us to practice using some of the formulas that we have yet to do before continuing in the unit.

PDF -> Momentum Practice Problems (SE)


Task #4 – Unit 6 Work

PDF – Link -> Physical Science A – Unit 6 (Mr. Tyler Version)


Ticket Out the Door:

Below this lesson plan you will see a link that says “Leave a comment”. Click on this link and answer the two question below. Do not forget to put your name in this format “Samantha B.” Whole first name and the initial of the beginning of your last night. These responses to the ticket out the door will be part of your participation grade.

#1 – What is the number one thing you learned today?

#2 – What was the most confusing thing we covered today?


  • Study your reading from Unit 6 packet. You will have a quiz on this material on Monday (1-29-2020).
      1. PDF – Link -> Physical Science A – Unit 6 (Mr. Tyler Version)
  • Unit 6 Packet Work – Finish Unit Work (Due: 2-3-2020)
  • Balloon Car Needs to be built (Due: 2-3-2020)

Next Generation Science Standards:

HS-PS 21 Analyze data to support the claim that Newton’s second law of motion describes the mathematical relationship among the net force on a macroscopic object, its mass, and it acceleration.