Physical Science SGI Group Lesson #8 (9-30-2019)


Elements & Matter!



PDF Link -> Physical Science A – Unit 2 (Mr. Tyler Version)


Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

In this unit students will investigate materials that surround us and the properties that make them suitable for usage in. Success will be measured utilizing two labs and an exam. The goal is for a student average of 85%.



Life Connection:

Students can use this information when solving problems in their lives. How so? Let’s find out!

Behavioral Norms:

  • Learn from mistakes
  • Tolerance
  • Participate
  • Personal electronics only when appropriate


Matter, element, atom, molecule, compound, pure substance, mixture

Review Game Link -> Mr. Tyler’s Unit 2 – Vocab Review

Alternate Presentation -> Elements-compounds-mixtures Presentation


Course Digital Resources:

Link -> Mr. Tyler’s Physical Science Digital Resources

Link -> Online Stop Watch 


Warm Up:

Due to it being test day NO WARM UP TODAY! Instead! Make sure all your work is ready to be submitted.




Unit 1 is supposed to be in. Your IS teacher’s have been informed of who is on track and who is not as of this morning. Ask your IS teacher if they have it.


Task #1:

Test Day!


Room Number “A89559b4”

After you have taken your test, make sure all your work is in. If it is come see me. I will verify all components of your Unit 2 are in and then you are free to return to update your IS teacher. If you are not done, you need to get your work taken care of so remain seated and finalize whatever you need to.

Unit 2 should have the following ready to submit today:

  • Unit 2 itself
  • Unit 2 Cornell Notes
  • Lab – 28 slides via Google slideshow. 3 elements per group with a title slide.
  • EMC Worksheet (This should already be turned in to me)
  • Periodic Table (Filled in)
  • Test passed with 70% or higher



  • Unit 1 revisions if you need to. That unit needs to get in promptly so it can be given to your teachers.
  • Unit 2 revisions if you need to.
  • Reading over the unit 3 I just handed out in class today. Start your Cornell Notes.


Next Generation Science Standards Addressed:

Science and Engineering Practices:

Developing and Using Models

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions


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