Physical Science A SGI Lesson # 17 (10-29-2018)


Chemical Formulas





Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

In this unit students will develop and use models in addition to using mathematics and computational thinking. Specifically in the field of Patterns, Energy and Matter, and Types of Chemical Interactions. The goal is for a student average of 85%.



Students will be able to better explain the following by the end of the  lesson today:

  • Structure and Properties of Matter
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Types of Interaction


Behavioral Norms:

  • Learn from mistakes
  • Tolerance
  • Participate
  • Personal electronics only when appropriate


Course Digital Resources:

Link -> Physical Science – Unit 3 Reading

Link -> Mr. Tyler’s Physical Science Digital Resources

Link -> Interactive Periodic Table 

Link -> Online Stop Watch 

Game -> Little Alchemy

Game -> Little Alchemy2

Warm Up: (10 Minutes)

Go to

Enter room “A89559b4”

Take the quiz. This quiz is about information from Unit 1. Let’s not forget information we have already learned.



Step #1 – Get Ready (1 Minute)

Break out Unit 4!


Step #2 – Reading (8 Minutes)

Each group has a specific assignment regarding reading of the informational text.

While you read highlight important information and underline confusing.

Group Assignment:

Group #1 – Compound Names & Formulas (Pgs. 191-196)

Group #2 – Organic and Biochemical Compounds (Pgs. 197 – 204)

Group #3 – Nature of Chemical Reactions (Pgs. 219 – 224)

Group #4 – Chemical Equations (Pgs. 225-229)

Group #5 – Reaction Types (Pgs. 230-237)

Group #6 Reaction Rates & Equilibrium (Pgs. 238-239)


Step #3- Role Assignments (3 Minutes)

Now that each group has read their piece you need to decide who is fulfilling which role

Template – Science Team Lab Roles (V2)


Step #4 – Google Slideshow Creation (3 minutes)

As a team create a Google slideshow and share it with your team members. The title slide should be the name of the section your group is responsible for and have the team members names on it.


Step #5 – Adding Content to Google Slideshow (20 Minutes)

Each person on each team will be responsible for presenting the slide or slides they have created. Each person must have 1 slide minimum. Graphics need to be added to make the information more accessible.

Template/Example -> Physical Science – Unit 4 – Group Presentation Template


Step #6 –  Group presentations (20 Minutes)

Each group will present their section of information.

Presentation Rubrics


Step #7 – Unit Work ( 20 Minutes)

Groups will use the handouts they have now from the group presentations and begin working on the unit 4 material itself.


Step #7 – Clean Up / Reorganize classroom (Start at 11:50)


Next Generation Science Standards Addressed:

Science and Engineering Practices:

Developing and Using Models

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions


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