Physical Science B SGI Lesson #17 (3-13-2018)


Introduction to Physical Science B!



Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will attain an 80% passage rate in 3 of 4 trials


Students will practice utilizing mathematics, computational thinking, evidence based argument, and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

Life Connection:

Students will answer this question before leaving class today.

Behavioral Norms:

  • Learn from mistakes
  • Tolerance
  • Participate
  • Personal electronics only when appropriate

Key Concepts:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Systems and System Models
  • Stability & Change

Course Digital Resources:

Link -> Online StopWatch

Link -> Mr. Tyler – Physical Science B Work Received Log (Spring 2018)

Link -> Mr. Tyler’s Physical Science Digital Resources

Warm Up: 

No warm up today.



Task #1  –  Review to Sound Waves

Downloadable Notes Link -> Notes – Introduction to Sound Waves

Task #2 – Time to Dive Back In

I know we have been gone for a week for Spring brake to lets dive into the unit to analyze it.



Review what we went over today. Click HERE to be take to the Unit 8 class notes.


Next Generation Science Standards:

HS-PS 2-6 Communicate scientific and technical information about why the molecular level structure is important in the functioning of designed materials.

HS-PS 3-3 Design, build, and refine a device that works within given constraints to convert one form of energy to another form of energy.

HS-PS 4-1 Use mathematical representations to support a claim regarding relationships among the frequency, wavelength, and speed of waves traveling in various media.