Physical Science SGI Group Lesson #3 (9-26-2017)


Introduction to Science



Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will plan and carry out investigations which utilize models  in order to explain the interactions between non-living objects with 85% accuracy in 3 of 4 trials.


Students will be able explain the following by the end of the  lesson today:

  • Branches of science.
  • Difference between scientific laws and scientific theories.
  • Lab Safety
  • Setting up an experiment

Life Connection:

Students can use this information when solving problems in their lives.

Behavioral Norms:

  • Learn from mistakes
  • Tolerance
  • Participate
  • Personal electronics only when appropriate


Conduct, Science, Technology, Law, Theory, Critical Thinking, Scientific Method, Observation, Bias, Variables (Independent & Dependent), Hypothesis.

Course Digital Resources:

Link -> Mr. Tyler’s Physical Science Digital Resources

Link -> Online Stop Watch 

Recap from Last Lesson:

  1. We have signed contracts for the class.
  2. We went through the notes for Chapter 1 of the Physical Science book.
  3. Conducted the Marble Lab.
  4. Assigned homework:
    • Complete pages 1 – 18 Skip pages 19-24Complete pages 25-30
  5. Don’t forget there are multiple ways to read over the lesson plans for each time we have met. The easiest is to use the interactive calendar on the right for computer users or the calendar at the bottom for mobile users.

Warm Up:

Fingerprinting Lab

 Video Clip From Lesson: 



Task #1

Activity 11 – Qualitative, Quantitative observations and inferences

Task #2

Activity 12 – Tools of Measurement

Video Clip from Lesson:


Task #3

Activity 13 – Derived Units

Video Clip from Lesson:


Task #4

Activity 15 – Review


Task #5

Activity 16 – Units of Measurement Practice


Task #6

Activity 17 – Unit Conversion Using Prefixes


Ticket Out the Door:

At the end of today’s lesson I will be passing out Post-It notes. On the Post-It note you receive write down the most interesting thing you learned today  and the most confusing thing you heard and put it on the inside of the classroom door as you leave today.


Pages 1-30

Activities 11-17

Next Generation Science Standards Addressed:

Science and Engineering Practices:

Developing and Using Models

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions


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