Period 3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (4-14-2017)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Killer Behavioral Analysis


Serial Killers

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

  1. Students will be able to behaviorally analyze a killer without teacher’s assistance with 80% accuracy in 4 of 5 trials by completion of the unit.
  2. Articulate the prevalence and patterns of forms of serial homicide over time.
  3. Apply and contrast the main criminological theories used to explain serial homicide and speak to the respective empirical validity of each as applied to this rare form of criminal offending.
  4. Articulate the strategies of investigation and crime scene analysis used in the used in the investigation and prosecution of serial offenders.

*Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal written with this downloadable guide -> SmartGoals Template for Educators

Today’s Objective:

Students will be able to identify trends and derived facts in Dr. Aamodt’s serial killer data analysis presentation.

Students will be able to assess the validity of the belief that H.H. Holmes was in fact also Jack the Ripper.

*Lesson objective written with this downloadable guide -> Writing Learning Objectives Guide


One-on-One Murder, Modus-Operandi, signature, characteristics

Online Resources for Today:

Introduction to Serial Killer Analysis (V2)

Mr. Tyler’s Google Criminal Behavior Student Toolbox 


Warm Up:


1.What do you remember about H.H. Holmes? What was his last name?

2.What are two trends you noticed yesterday in Dr. Aamodt’s work?

3. Random Challenge (Still part of warm up) – Try to write a compelling story in only six words. (Ex: “I Leave. Dog Panics. Furniture Shopping.” – Reed) Extra credit to the best story!

Task #1 Dr. Aamodt Report (wrap up)

Today we are going to start off by wrapping up looking for trends and derived facts in Dr. Aamodt’s work. I you were gone yesterday, I printed off copies of Dr. Aamodt’s report for us to look over. Many of you have not turned in your GAFE forms  so you cannot do the work online. We are going to go through it together. I printed out a note version of his work for us to go over. On each slide we are going to look for two things. 1 = Trends in the data & 2 = derived facts (facts we can learn from the data)

PDF Presentation -> Dr. Mike Aamodt – Serial Killer Presentation (Radford University)

Handout -> Dr. Aamodt – Serial Killers Presentation (Note Version)

Assignment -> Dr. Aadomt’s Work

Task #2 (H.H. Holmes Revisit)

Remember H.H. Holmes from several units back? Lets do a quick recap and then we will progress to this activity.

Task #3 (H.H. Holmes – Jack the Ripper?)

Get out a piece of notebook paper. Set it up in Cornell note format.


We are now going to look at a 15 minute video clip from a TED talk. The talk is given by Jeff Mudgett. It is his assertion that H.H. Holmes was in fact Jack the Ripper. We are going to first take notes on his argument, then we are going to assess the validity of his argument by examining the evidence he presents.  Before you leave you will be writing an academic paragraph explaining whether or not you believe his assertion to be true and why.

Video Link – > The Unsolved Mystery of Jack the Ripper | Jeff Mudgett | TEDxVancouver

Ticket Out the Door:

Downloadable PDF -> Ticket Out the Door

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