Period 3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (4-6-2017)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Serial Killer Behavioral Analysis


Serial Killers

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to behaviorally analyze a killer without teacher’s assistance with 80% accuracy in 4 of 5 trials by completion of the unit.

*Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal written with this downloadable guide -> SmartGoals Template for Educators

Today’s Objective:

Students will write a full FBI level psychological evaluation of the Zodiac case.

*Lesson objective written with this downloadable guide -> Writing Learning Objectives Guide


One-on-One Murder, Modus-Operandi, signature, characteristics

Online Resources for Today:

Introduction to Serial Killer Analysis (V2)

Mr. Tyler’s Google Criminal Behavior Student Toolbox 



If you never turned in your GAFE internet usage form, that was handed out during first period before break, your account is still locked out. You need to go to the front office before school, during lunch, or after school to get another copy of the form, fill it out, and send it in. You are also welcome to download, print, and send in a copy using the link below->



Warm Up:


  1. What is the difference between a blue and a white collar serial killer?
  2. Name 4 of the 7 key theories as to why we commit crime and briefly define what they mean.


Task #1

If your internet access account is still active you can download the file below, save it as a Google Doc, and share it to In this task we are going to write a psychological profile together and develop a profile for the Zodiac killer. This assignment will be due before you leave today.

Downloadable .Doc File -> Psychological Evaluation Paper Template for Students (V2)

Rubric for assignment:

Downloadable PDF ->Psychological Evaluation Student Developed Point Rubric

Downloadable PDF ->Psychological Evaluation Teacher Grading Sheet

If you internet account is now locked due your GAFE form not being turned in you need to go to the office before school, during lunch, or after school to get another copy of the form, fill it out, and turn it in. In the mean time you will be doing your work by hand. I have made printed copies for the above resources for you.

Ticket Out the Door:

Downloadable PDF -> Ticket Out the Door