Period 4 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (4-3-2017)

Criminal Behavior Header


Serial Killers


Killers Unit


  • Students will have researched 10 serial killers and their backgrounds
  • Utilizing their researched material they will have decided which side to the Nature v Nurture argument they believe is most responsible for serial killer cognitive development.
  • Students will be continue to practice their behavioral analysis skills with a new case subject.


Warm Up: (5 minutes)

Got o

Enter room A89559b4

Results -> *Sent to your individual Google drive folders*

Task #1 – (Recap – 5-9 minutes)

Briefly review the information that you were introduced to last week.

Downloadable PDF -> Introduction to Analyzing Killers (V3)

Task #2 – (30 Minutes)

I am seeing definite forward progress in your works. However, I am certain after reviewing your online material via Google that many are only 70%-80%  done. Today I am scheduling some more time in order for us to complete this project. Remember, once you have created it share it to me at If you have been gone, remember how to create a Google slideshow then click HERE to be taken to a simplistic article on HOW TO CREATE A GOOGLE SLIDESHOW or you can search online for instructions. Follow the format below for the slide show:

Title for Slideshow:

Killers – Nature or Nurture? – Period # – Your Name

Slide #1 –

Name of the Assignment, Your Name, Period #, Today’s Date

Slide #2 –

Define what a killer is. Explain the Nature vs Nurture Argument briefly. I know we have never discussed this before so here is the shortest explanation I can give you. The Nature Argument states that people are the way they are because they were born that way. So if you are a killer it is because it is in your DNA and you cannot help be what you are. The Nurture Argument states that people are a product of their environment. So if someone is a killer they were not born that way, but rather learned that behavior from whomever and/or wherever they grew up.

Resource -> Nature vs Nurture Debate (RSA Animators)

Slide #3 through Slide #12 – 

Chose 10 killers that you want to do a little research on and devote one slide to each. Use the format below on each slide. Graphic images are not necessary or appreciated. Brief explanation of the person’s crime is good enough.

Slide #3 through Slide #12 format:




Childhood Background: 

Slide #13 – 

Now that you have briefly described 10 killers and their backgrounds list on this slide show things that all 10 killers had in common.

Slide #14 – 

Now, after having researched all those killers and this backgrounds, answer this question. “Are killers born that way (Nature Argument) or are they a product of their environment (Nurture Argument)?

Task #3 (60 Minutes)

Today you are going to be continuing to practice analyzing killers using the  Introduction to Analyzing Killers (V3) notes that you downloaded to your google accounts.  Follow the steps below for today’s assignment.

Step #1 – Download this file -> Killer Case Analysis Form (Blank)

Step #2 – Save this file as a Google Doc and share it to me at Remember to title it in the appropriate format “Period # – Name – Assignment Title”

Step #3 – We are going to watch clips from the video below. If you are absent today use one of the two available routes and fill in the Killer Case Analysis Form (Blank) just like what you did with the Stacey Castor and New York Zodiac cases. This assignment is due before you leave class today.

Video Watching Route #1 (Laptop Friendly)

Click on this link, download, and watch the video on Charles Manson

Video Watching Route #2 (Smart Phone Friendly)

Task #4

Task #2 – 

Download the powerpoint below by Dr. Mike Aamodt from Radford University. Scroll through  his presentation to get familiar with what he is trying to say and do in this work. This presentation is pretty typical of college professors. It is clunky, wordy, and not viewer friendly. After you have gotten familiar with the work go through the presentation and delete / reorganize / rearrange the work into a more viewer friendly format.
Assignment -> Downloadable PPT -> Serial Killers Presentation by Dr. Mike Aamodt


The Fall 2015 Criminal Behavior courses did a similar activity with a student developed presentation on the YaKuZa. They took the original version and improved it by deleting, rearranging, and reorganizing the information.

Original YaKuZa Presentation -> History of the Yakuza (Rohit’s Version -PDF)

Downloadable Examples of Presentation After Students rearranged, combined, and deleted material ->

History of the Yakuza (Group 4)

History of the Yakuza (Group 5)

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