Period 4 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (3-8-2017)

Criminal Behavior Header

Warm Up (5 Minutes):

Step #1 – Go to

Step #2 – Enter room number “A89559b4”.

Results -> *Sent to your individual Google folders*

 Resources for Today:

Google Folder -> Russian Prison Tattoos

Task #1 – (50 minutes – Google Doc)

You will be seeing a clip of a documentary examining the purpose of Russian prison tattoos. As you watch these clips you will be developing 10 Costa’s level 3 questions below your introductory questions to this topic.

Reference Tool – Mr. Tylers Guide to Writing a Level 3 Costa Question

Task #2 – (20 minutes) 

Next you will be breaking down a presentation by Mr. Finnie from Waterloo, Canada and putting it into a Cornell Note format. He created this presentation to introduce people to the Russian Mafia. Download, save, and share,  the Cornell Notes template below to Title this document “Period # – Your Name – Cornell Notes – Russian Mafia. Next open the reading document below. Read through this presentation and break it down into Cornell Note format. I will be giving you 20 minutes to go through this presentation. At the end of this we will discuss the presentation and your breakdowns.

Template-> Cornell Notes (V2)

Reading-> Introduction to the Russian Mafia

Task #3 (Compare & Contrast)

Now that we have seen the Russian Prison tattoos we are going to start looking at an comparing the tattooing styles of other organization crime groups. We are going to make a basic three way Venn Diagram in order to compare and contrast the ink of the inmates below.

Ticket Out the Door –

1.”What level of Webb’s depth of knowledge do you think we primarily worked at today? Why?”

Webbs Depth of Knowledge Chart

2. On a scale of 0% to 100% did we meet our objective for today? 100% means you believe we absolutely hit the objective. 

3. By percentage, how much of today do you feel was “active learning” vs “passive learning”? You answer must total 100%. 

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