Period 3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (3-8-2017)

Criminal Behavior Header

Warm Up (5 Minutes):

Step #1 – Go to

Step #2 – Enter room number “A89559b4”.

Results -> *Sent to your individual Google folders*

 Resources for Today:

Google Folder -> Russian Prison Tattoos

Task #1 – (50 minutes – Google Doc)

You will be seeing a clip of a documentary examining the purpose of Russian prison tattoos. As you watch these clips you will be developing 10 Costa’s level 3 questions below your introductory questions to this topic.

Reference Tool – Mr. Tylers Guide to Writing a Level 3 Costa Question

Task #2 – (20 minutes) 

Next you will be breaking down a presentation by Mr. Finnie from Waterloo, Canada and putting it into a Cornell Note format. He created this presentation to introduce people to the Russian Mafia. Download, save, and share,  the Cornell Notes template below to Title this document “Period # – Your Name – Cornell Notes – Russian Mafia. Next open the reading document below. Read through this presentation and break it down into Cornell Note format. I will be giving you 20 minutes to go through this presentation. At the end of this we will discuss the presentation and your breakdowns.

Template-> Cornell Notes (V2)

Reading-> Introduction to the Russian Mafia

Ticket Out the Door –

1.”What level of Webb’s depth of knowledge do you think we primarily worked at today? Why?”

Webbs Depth of Knowledge Chart

2. On a scale of 0% to 100% did we meet our objective for today? 100% means you believe we absolutely hit the objective. 

3. By percentage, how much of today do you feel was “active learning” vs “passive learning”? You answer must total 100%. 

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