Period 3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (2-8-2017)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Behavioral Assessment of Correctional Inmates


Prison Systems

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to recognize the different correctional methodologies prisons around the world use when attempting to modify inmate behavior and formulate solutions to the weaknesses they identify in each system.

Today’s Objective:

Students will utilize their digital reference materials during an initial inmate behavioral analysis in order to gather enough evidence to compare and contrast their mentalities and reasons for turning to crime.

*Lesson objective written with this downloadable guide -> Writing Learning Objectives Guide


7 Key Theories on Why We Commit Crime

Organized vs Disorganized Killers Chart

Psychiatric Disorders Associated With Criminal Behavior (Version 3)

Stalker Behavior Escalation Chart Notes

Course Google File:

Google File -> Criminal Behavior Student Toolbox


Warm Up

Go to

Enter room “A89559b4”

Results – *Sent to your individual Google files*

Task #1- 

I want to check in with you about your work from yesterday before we move on. Based on the work you shared with me yesterday there appears to be a miscommunication in what I was looking for in the end product.

Task #2-

We are going to do an initial behavioral analysis on four U.S. inmates at WaBash Correctional in Illinois. Before we begin download, save as google doc, and share the file to

Downloadable .doc:

Period # – Your Name – Prison Case Analysis Form


Documentary – WaBash SuperMax Correctional Facility

Additional Student Resources

For more information on the inmates we began looking at today please see the list of websites/downloadable files below.


Website – Christopher Trotter v State


Website – – James Dale Stone v State of Indiana

Website – Wave3News – Woman Faces Rapist in Floyd County Courtroom


Downloadable PDF -> Lukuman Aderibigbe – Motion to Appeal


Website – Miles Folsom – “Reign of Terror Comes to End”

Task #3 – (50 minutes)

You will now be introduced to the Russian Prison system and their version of a SuperMax facility. Download the .doc file below and share it to me at

Downloadable .doc -> Period # – Your Name – Russia Prison Comparison)

Video Link (In case embedded video below does not work) -> Black Dolphin Prison 

Embedded Video:

Step #4 – (17 minutes)

Be aware that step 5 is leading to write a compare and contrast essay. If you would like some ideas for how to write one or improve your skills here is a guide created by the Santa Barbara City College.

Downloadable PDF -> How to Write a Compare Contrast Essay

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