Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (1-9-2017)

Criminal Behavior Header


Jury Systems


Jury Trial

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to explain the significance of the jury trial in the modern American courtroom.


Today students will gather evidence on the Slager shooting in order to analyze the case in more detail.


Task #1

We will set up a sheet of paper to take Cornell Notes.

Task #2

We will determine what the essential question for today’s exercise will be.

Task #3

We will be watching some video clips from the case. They are listed below. Once Google is ready I will post  a link below so you have access to the video clips we used today.

Clip #1 – Original dash cam from squad car.

Clip #2 – Santana’s cell phone video from the park

Clip #3 – FBI Analysts interpretation of the video

Clip #4 – Opening arguments from attorneys

Clip #5- Witness Testimony

Clip #6 – Interview with the jury foreman.

Task #4

After looking over the evidence from today answer the following questions:

“From what you have seen from this case & 12 Angry men. How do you feel about the jury system? Is it more effective than a solitary judge deciding? How so?”

Ticket Out the Door:



Look over cases online in which the jury nullified the existing law with their ruling.


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