Period 2 – World History Lesson Plan (12-2-2016)

Period 2 - World History

Warm Up:

Go to

Enter room “A89559b4”

Task #1 (Introduction to Hitler’s Rise to Power)

Message from Mr. Tyler:

Today is an extension of yesterday’s activity. Below is a copy and paste of yesterday’s plan. We will finish this activity today.

I spoke with my Period 1 Criminal Behavior students. Many of them are Juniors and Seniors who have already taken World History. I asked them what they thought when their World History teacher used lecture and Cornell notes to explain Hitler’s Rise to power. A majority were saying that they saw it as boring. I ran today’s lesson plan past them to see if it would be seen as possibly more effective to explain how Hitler manipulated the people of Germany into following him. They generally gave the lesson plan a thumbs up so we are going to try it out. Could work or not. After the lesson is over I will be asking you your opinion of the lesson to see it was effective as you saw it.

Step #1

Get out a piece of lined notebook paper and title “Cornell Notes – Public Speaking”.

Step #2

Write your name, date, and period number in the top right corner.

Step #3

We are now going to look at video clips from a Twilight Zone episode titled “Hes Alive”. It is a video about a young man named Peter Vallmer who is attempting to start a Nazi party in the United States. We are going to watch these clips and then comparing these clips with what happened with  Hitler when he was first starting his rise to power. Below is a link to the Google doc where I will be typing a copy of the notes we take on the video clips.

Video Link -> Twilight Zone – Hes Alive (Rise of Hitler Example)

Cornell Notes Link -> Fall 2016 – Class Notes on Hes Alive




Step #1

Download, save, and share the Cornell Note Document below to :

Template -> Cornell Notes (V2)

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