Period 2 – World History (S.D.A.I.E. -E.L.L.) Lesson Plan (11-4-2016)

Period 2 - World History


Warm Up:

Look at the political cartoon below. You can click to enlarge it. First student to explain this joke about an older form of imperialism will receive 50 Extra Credit !!


Task #1

Today, right after the warm up, individuals and partners will present their work on their Imperialism project. A sign up sheet will be on the board for those who are going to present. If you do not present your work that will immediately drop your grade 50%. The rubric guide below is a good way to understand how you will be graded. While individuals and partners present we will all be taking Cornell notes on their work addressing the following areas: Who, What, When, Where, Why and Historical Significance.

Cornell Note Format Reminder:


Imperialism Project Rubric:

  • LEVEL 0 –  will be non completed assignments
  • LEVEL 1 –  content score will have answered partial/some of  who, what, when, where, how, and why of the selected topic.
  • LEVEL 2 –  content score will have answered ALL the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the selected topic
  • LEVEL 3 –  content score will have answered the level two requirement AND discusses the significance in history of the event/topic.
  • LEVEL 4 –  content score will have answered the level three requirement AND connects their topics to modern issues or problems.

Task #2

After presentations are complete we are going to begin our next unit! World War I ! Otherwise known as the Great War! With today being our first day we are going to start with a powerpoint and Cornell Notes so we have a basis for analysis and deeper discussion later.

Downloadable File -> cornell-notes-world-war-i-the-great-war-v2

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