Period 2 – World History (S.D.A.I.E. – E.L.L.) Lesson Plan (9-26-2016)

Period 2 - World History


The French Revolution

Introduction to Latin Revolutions


Enlightenment & Revolutions

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to explain the causes and effects of the French Revolution with 85% accuracy in 3 of 4 trials.

Students will be able to explain how the Latin American struggle for change lead to changes in the early 1900s.


Students will be able to explain the events leading to the French Revolution.

Students will be able to explain the similarities and differences between the American and French revolutions.

Students will be able to state the initial causes for revolutions in Latin America


Three Estates, Estates General, National Assembly, Tennis Court Oath, Bastille, Great Fear, Declaration of the Rights of Man, Constitution of 1791.


Task #1 – Quick Write

The man below was a journalist during the French Revolution who was murdered in his tub. Why do you think the painter decided to create this work? Why do you think this man was murdered?


Task #2 – Pass Back Papers

You recent assignments are graded and ready to be returned. With the help of a few student volunteers we will be passing back papers at the beginning of class. You can use these papers to write your essay.


Task #3 – American vs French Revolutions Comparison Essay.

On Friday you wrote your initial three paragraphs of this essay by hand. Today you are going to grab a chrome book from the cart and type up your essay to submit to me electronically. Create a blank Google Doc and title it “Period # – Your Name – American vs French Revolutions Essay”. Then click the blue “Share” button and share this essay to

Your paragraph content guide is located below if you still need it.

Paragraph 1 – Introduction to the topics of the American and French Revolution

Paragraph 2 – Explain the key events of the American Revolution using your Cornell Notes.

Paragraph 3 – Explain the key events of the French Revolution using your Cornell Notes

Paragraph 4 – Explain how the French and American Revolutions were similar.

Paragraph 5 – Explain what lessons we as people should have learned from these revolutions.

Task #4 – Introduction to Latin American Revolutions. 

Once the essays are ready we are going to begin taking Cornell Notes on the next section of this unit. The Latin American Revolutions.

Notes -> Latin-american-revolutions

Ticket Out the Door:

Webbs Depth of Knowledge Chart

What level do you think we worked at today and why?


To be Determined


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