Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (9-12-2016)

Criminal Behavior Header


Sorry I have to be gone unexpectedly. Today you will grab your Chromebook and accomplish three things.

  1. – Finish designing your prison in Tinkercad.
  2. – Screenshot the required images and paste them to Google Slides.
  3. – Make sure to finish your Compare & Contrast essay on different prisons from around the world.

All  specifics are posted below.

If your run into any issues E-MAIL ME immediately at and I will try to get back to you ASAP.


At the end of class make sure all chrome books are put away correctly and plugged in. When they are all plugged in push the black button on the inside of the Chromebook cart on the top left and this will tell the cart to charge the laptops. In order to get this extra credit all you need to do is have one person in the class take a photo of the inside of the cart to prove everything is put away correctly and either e-mail it to me at  OR post it to Instagram and tag me in (Username: MrTylersLessons) and each student will have + 100 E.C. added to their grade TONIGHT!


Google File ->  Criminal Behavior Student Toolbox


TASK #1 – 

Prison Design – Finish designing your prison on 

TASK #2 – 

When you are done at  go back into Google and create a blank Google Slide show. Title the work ” Period # – Your Name – My Prison Design”. MAKE SURE TO SHARE YOUR WORK! Send it to You will be screen shooting different parts of your prison design and then pasting these screen shots into the Google Slide show. Use the following format for the slides:

Slide 1 – Title: MY PRISON DESIGN (Put your name here too)

Slide 2 – Title: FRONT SIDE (Insert screen shot below this title)

Slide 3 – Title: TOP SIDE

Slide 4 – Title: BACK SIDE

Slide 5 – Title: LEFT SIDE

Slide 6 – Title: RIGHT SIDE


Slide 8 – Title: MY DESIGN REASONING (one paragraph explaining the design of your prison

Slide 9 – Title: PROS / CONS (use the dual column  layout in Google slides and list the pros and cons with your design)


If you don’t know how to screen shot on a Chromebook here is how you do it:



Prison Comparison Essay (DUE: 9-12-2016)

Now that we have seen the differences in how Russia, Mexico, Peru, and the United States we are going to write a compare and contrast essay. You will write this essay in google docs and share it to Make sure to title it “-Period # – Your Name – Prison Systems Comparison Essay “. This essay will be due by Monday (9-12-2016).

Assigment Resource – Downloadable PDF -> How to Write a Compare Contrast Essay

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