Period 1 – Criminal behavior Lesson Plan (8-30-2016)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Escalation of Stalking



Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to identify types of stalkers in 3 of 4 trials with 85% accuracy.

Today’s Objective:

Students have gathered and sorted behavioral observation data on Richard Farley for Analysis.



Class Google File:

Google File ->  Criminal Behavior Student Toolbox


Warm Up:

Go to and enter room number “A89559b4”.

Results ->  *pending*

Task #1 –  The Case of Laura Black and Richard Farley (LAST DAY)

Laura Black & Richard Farley

Today we will finish gathering behavioral evidence on Richard Farley. Remember this will be our last case and largest.  This was the case that finally made the United States pass its first stalking law.  If you were absent on Friday  or yesterday scroll up to “Google File -> Criminal Behavior Student Toolbox” and click on the link. Got to “Unit 4 – Stalking” and click on this file. Then download, save, fill out, and share the file “Stalking Case Analysis Form”. The video for this case is also present in that Google file for the class. For that link scroll up.

Task #2 – Formal Analysis

Once we have finished gathering our observational evidence we are going to write up our formal analysis essay. Use the format below:




Richard Farley Behavioral Analysis

Paragraph 1 –



Paragraph 2 –

Which key theory best explains why he became a criminal? Cite evidence.


Paragraph 3 –

Is he organized or disorganized as a killer? Explain


Paragraph 4 –

What psychological disorder is he suffering from? Cite evidence.


Paragraph 5 –

What type of stalker is Richard Farley? Explain.


Paragraph 6 –

Why does this case matter? What did you learn?

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