Period 3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (3-18-2016)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Bootlegging and Al Capone


Organized Crime

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

At the end of this unit students have stated they will understand how structured criminal organizations originated, remain in power, how they are affiliated, strategies they implement, and how dangerous each is. Additionally, students have stated they will have developed the following skills: reading, analysis, observation, and identification. Success will be measured by four specific student developed goal oriented objectives they have designed to measure success culminating in a student developed summative project at the end of this unit.

Downloadable  PDF -> Student SMART Goal Input – Organized Crime

*Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal written with this downloadable guide -> SmartGoals Template for Educators

Today’s Objective:

Students will interpret the organized crime events depicted in the film “The Untouchables” and examine its contents using Costa’s 3rd Level of questioning.

*Lesson objective written with this downloadable guide -> Writing Learning Objectives Guide

C.C.S.S. Standards:

WHST 11-12.2 – Write informative/explanatory texts.

*While Common Core Social Studies standards are currently under development my courses adhere to following the C.C.S.S. standards for English.


Warm Up –

Go to Enter room “A89559b4”.

Results -> *pending*

Task #1

We are going to be looking at part of the film “The Untouchables” today in order to make sure we have a firm understanding of La Cosa Nostra life and organized criminals like Al Capone. Download, save, and share the file below.

Assignment -> Assignment – The UnTouchables – Period 3 – Your Name Here


You need to go to Synergy at some point today or over the break and look over your grade. I want to make sure all grade data is accurate. If something is off or you want me to double check something you need to e-mail me at so that I can address it.

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