Period 3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (2-3-2016)

Period 3 - Criminal BehaviorTopic:

Stalker Behavior Escalation

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to identify types of stalkers in 3 of 4 trials with 85% accuracy.

Today’s Objective:

Students will continue to refine their analytic skills concerning crime and stalking.


7 Key Theories on Why We Commit Crime

Organized vs Disorganized Killers Chart

Psychiatric Disorders Associated With Criminal Behavior (Version 3)

Stalker Behavior Escalation Chart Notes


Warm Up:

I’m sorry I am gone again. I will be back tomorrow. There is no warm up today and if you have problems or questions e-mail me at I have my smart phone and laptop with me again today.

Task #1 – PREP WORK

Laura Black & Richard Farley

We are going to continue analyzing the case of  Laura Black and Richard Farley. If you were gone yesterday then you need to download the document below and save then share it to If you were here open up your google document and continue analyzing the case.

Downloadable .Doc -> Stalking Case Analysis Form (V2)

Make sure to save this document and share it to or you wont receive credit.

Task #2 –  VIDEO

There are two routes that will allow you to watch the video today. If one does not work then I guarantee the other will.


Click on the google link below to be taken to a folder where you can download the video into your chromebook and watch it that way. Kalon has been able to do this before if you need help figuring this route out. If he is gone you can e-mail me at and I’ll try to help you through e-mail.



You can watch the video directly on the website or through your smart phone by clicking/tapping on the video below.

Ticket Out the Door:

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