Period 2,3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (1-8-2015)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Assess the emotional impact of terrorists on a society.



Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

By the end of this three week unit students will be able to clearly and concisely state in writing the impact terrorism has had on global connections and national culture with specific citations.

*Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal written with this downloadable guide -> SmartGoals Template for Educators

Today’s Objective(s):

Students will evaluate the emotional impact of terrorism.

*Lesson objective written with this downloadable guide -> Writing Learning Objectives Guide




Warm Up:

  1. In your responses to yesterday’s online writing activity many of you said that the term “terrorism” is not extremely useful due to how vague a term it is. Propose alternate terms the press should use when they are describing someone, something, or an event as a “terrorist”.
  2. Most of you, both period 2 and 3, agreed an entire country cannot be labeled a “terrorist” Why do you think the press like to label certain countries as “Terrorists” then?

Task #1

For those of you who wrote your homework out instead of e-mailing it to me please pass it in now.

Task #2

Lets look over your work from yesterday on the computer and discuss some of the common errors that need to be addressed. Click HERE to be taken to yesterday’s lesson plan and scroll down to STUDENT WORK EVIDENCE

Task #3

Now we need to address these problem areas in our writing and turn in another copy of your work from yesterday with the issues addressed.  This will count as a separate assignment. If you were not here yesterday use the link below to download a word document copy of the activity. Make sure to save the file as a google doc and share it to You will have 20 minutes to work today. If you think you are finished call me over to look over your work.

ASSIGNMENT DOWNLOADABLE .DOC FILE -> Terrorism Discussion Questions

Task #4

In this unit we should analyze and understand the most recent significant terrorist attack the United States has faced directly, 9/11. We are now going to watch real footage taken from people in New York City from when the first plane hit the tower to the collapse of the buildings. While we watch this raw footage download the .doc file below, save it as a google doc, and share with


Ticket Out the Door:

Downloadable PDF -> Ticket Out the Door

Downloadable PPT -> Ticket Out the Door

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