Period 2,3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (10-29-2015)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Organized Crime Discussion Groups


Organized Crime

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

At the end of this unit students have stated they will understand how structured criminal organizations originated, remain in power, how they are affiliated, strategies they implement, and how dangerous each is. Additionally, students have stated they will have developed the following skills: reading, analysis, observation, and identification. Success will be measured by four specific student developed goal oriented objectives they have designed to measure success culminating in a student developed summative project at the end of this unit.

Downloadable  PDF -> Student SMART Goal Input – Organized Crime

*Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal written with this downloadable guide -> SmartGoals Template for Educators

Today’s Objective:

Students will intelligently discuss various aspects of organized crime.

*Lesson objective written with this downloadable guide -> Writing Learning Objectives Guide


Warm Up –

With today being a minimum day today’s warm up will be skipped to buy us more time for today’s activity.

Task #1 – 

Turn in your Costa’s questions work from yesterday

Task #2 – 

Move into your groups and grab your reference notebooks if you think you will need them.

Task #3 – 

Today we will be trying what is known as a “High Risk Teaching Strategy”. You will be in your discussion groups with one key topic to discuss. See the attachment below to see your group’s question. After you receive your groups question you will have 10 minutes to talk about the question. This is your “prep time”. After this, in order of groups, your group will be recorded having your discussion. This will be your deliverable for today. You will only have THREE minutes for your discussion and each person must contribute meaningfully to the discussion. When it gets to be your groups turn one person will introduce the people in the group, then someone else will read the question your group will be discussing.

Downloadable PDF -> Group Discussion Questions

Downloadable PDF -> Active Learning Instructional Strategies – Jim Eison Ph.D.


Today’s lesson results were video taped and uploaded to my private YouTube Channel on MrTylersLessons. Access to these videos is available upon demand.

Ticket Out the Door:

Downloadable PDF -> Ticket Out the Door

Downloadable PPT -> Ticket Out the Door

*Ticket out the door was not done today due to the minimum day combined with the new activity we are trying.


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