Periods 2,3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (9-14-2015)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Juvenile Crimal Offenders – Case Studies


Juvenile Offenders

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will assist in determing the best legal course of action to help lower the juvenile re-incarceration rate.

Today’s Objective:

Students will describe and discuss juvenile offense cases in order to appraise each situation followed by designing and proposing a measured punishment to fit the crime and help further deter crime.

*Lesson objective written with this downloadable guide -> Writing Learning Objectives Guide


Task #1 – First we will take a brief course survey that can be found in the downloadable PDF below along with instructions as to what to do next.

Downloadable PDF -> Criminal Behavior Instructions (9-14-2015)

Downloadable Excel Sheet -> Criminal Behavior Course Survey Breakdown (9-14-2015)

Task #2 – First we will warm up our analysis skills with some basic juvenile cases. We will be looking over the cases in the link below. Remember to come up with an adequate course of action for each case based on what you know.

Video Link -> Vimeo – Juvenile Justice Cases

Task #3 – Now we will be getting into harder cases to warm up for our big case analysis. You will read through the facts of each of these cases and determine a more detailed course of action you would take if you were a youth judge. Don’t forget to write down you reasoning as well.

Downloadable PDF -> Juvenile Justice – Warm Up Cases

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