Periods 2,3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (9-2-2015)

Criminal Behavior Header

Period 2,3 – Criminal Behavior


Step #1 –

Today while I am gone you will be doing an online “You Be the Judge Game”. In this game you will read a court case and then determine if you agree or disagree with the court’s ruling. You will not be graded on if you correctly guess the way the court ruled, but your academic style response stating whether you agree or not with the court’s decision. You only have this class period to finish this online activity though. The portal for will shut when each class ends. Additionally, remember when you have a substitute teacher the day itself will be worth 25 participation points. During class the substitute will monitor your behavior and work habits. If you are on task you will earn your full points. If you are not, then the substitute teacher will mark down your name and recommended to me how many points they feel you earned. Just to clarify, the substitute is not grading your behavior. They are observing you and recommending to me how many participation points they feel your actions deserved while I was gone.

Step #2 –Please read the italicized tasks below  just in case you have forgotten how to use

Task #1 – Form into groups of four. These are not groups of your choosing. These are the groups you are assigned to. Remember, if you don’t recall what group you are in look up. The group numbers are on the ceiling.

Task #2 – A minimum of one person in the group will be the “Technician” and have a cell phone that can access “”. The other three members of the group will need lined paper and they will need to write their names on the top right of this paper.

Task #3 – Once you figure out your group’s technician have them go to “” and enter the room number: a89559b4

Task #4 – Now have the technician enter the first name and last initial of each person in the group. (Run out of room? Shorten the names down further. I want to know who is working with who)

Task #5 – The Technician with the phone will read the questions that pop up to the group and the students with the paper will copy down the questions and write down their responses to the questions.

Task #6 – Talk about your responses as a group and have the technician type in your agreed upon response and hit “Submit”. Do this for every question that comes up. I will be monitoring your responses remotely to see how fast and slow each group is moving.

Task #7 – When you finish the questions the technician will hit “logout” on the top right of their screen. The group members who wrote down their responses will hand them in.

Today’s Online Activity Blank Backup Copy

Downloadable PDF -> You Be the Judge Online Activity (Blank)

Today’s Online Activity Results:

You Be the Judge Activity Results (Per 2)(9-2-2015)

You Be the Judge Activity Results (Per 3)(9-2-2015)

Student Survey

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