Periods 2,3 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (8-18-2015)

Criminal Behavior Header

Today’s Topic –

Psychiatric Disorders Commonly Associated with Criminal Behavior

Today’s Objective –

Students will continue their analysis and synthesize data they gather on a fictional character named Prot with the goal of producing a well written evaluation of his criminal and psychiatric condition

Today’s Agenda –

Step #1 – Grab your notebooks and paper from yesterday.

Step #2 – Get out a new lined paper for today. You will be turning this one in independent from your notebook.

Step #3 – Label this new paper “My Analysis Questions”

Step #4 – Get ready to watch sections of the video. At the end of each section you will see the Costa’s questions come back up. You will be writing and answering your questions.

PDF Downloadable File -> costas-levels-of-thinking-and-questioning

Step #5 – The ultimate goal of your questions is to help you determine what psychiatric condition Prot is suffering from.

Ticket Out the Door –

Teacher’s Note – Period 2 only today to make up from yesterday.

1.Do you understand why we are starting with this non-homicidal case first?

2.In your own words, why are we?

3.Do you think its worth continuing into tomorrow?

C.C.S.S. –

WHST 11-12.9 – Draw evidence from informational sources to support analysis, reflection, and research.