Period 3 – Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 Organized/Disorganized Discussion Board

Writing Prompt:

Read over the  Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 and use the Organized vs Disorganized Killers Chart to determine if he is primarily an organized or disorganized killer. When you are ready click on “Leave a Comment” below and write an academic paragraph style response. Remember to first state what type of killer you think he is and then back it up by citing three specific pieces of evidence.

33 thoughts on “Period 3 – Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 Organized/Disorganized Discussion Board

  1. I believe that this person could have had multiple things wrong with him, although the primary issue was social disorganization theory. social disorganization theory is shown wherein the persons father is emotionally and physically abusive towards him. this causes his brain to rewire itself and lead him to feel like everyone else is better than him developing low self-esteem . when he was discharged from the military this could have also made his self esteem worse leading him to create an ‘alter-ego’ that made him act on desire and impulse, this is where rational choice theory could be brought up, but this was caused because of the social disorganization theory.As a result of his low self esteem he became sociopathic and killed people to feel in power and in control of his own life as well as the fate of others.

  2. i think he is an organized killer because he blended in with society.He made people think was just like everyone else.he also moves around alot.

    • i disagree with your conclusion although he did show both signs of the traits. He was also impulsive, low self esteem and he had some cases where he would just prawl at night and break into peoples homes. He seemed spontaneous in some of his killings or crimes

  3. I think that the killer is a disorganized killer because he was called impulsive. The killer also doesn’t talk too women, is anxious and has low self esteem.

  4. This killer was an organized killer. First off he had a wife who he was married to for three years and then had a divorce. Also it says he committed several different crimes in multiple states. finally he stated that ‘‘People like me are … right on the fringe of society. meaning he blends right in.

  5. The man is a disorganized killer. First, he showed low self-esteem in school. Second, he held a shotgun to his ex-wife’s head. Finally, when he was showing low self-esteem, he could have killed people while thoughts of his father were on his mind.

  6. I believe that this person has more than one issue wrong with him, although one of the main theories in Social Disorganization Theory, because his father verbally and physically abused him when he would go home, which lowered his self-esteem. When his teacher kept him the same grade he started having a bad behavior, and also when he was discharged from the military. He probably felt that by killing people he had power and he would take his anger out in killing others which reminded him of his dad and ex- wife.

    • I agree with you because not only did there seem to be more than one problem with him, and an organized killer would have been able to talk to women and would control his behavior.

  7. i think the killer is a disorganized killer because it says he has low self esteem , he doesnt talk to women , his wife was in danger , not memorable at school .

    • i disagree with your analysis…he blended in with society causing his self esteem issue be okay considering most of society has self esteem issues. also him being married for long time would CLEARLY make sense IF he went for married women since his marriage ended badly. also him not being memorable would make sense causing people to not suspect a thing

  8. i believe that the man was an organized killer. He blended in well with society meaning no one would really expect a thing from him. The man also moved around a lot making the investigation harder and take longer to solve. Also he was married to for a long time, he mostly only goes for single women who live alone.

  9. i think the suspect was a disorganized killer. He had low self esteem issues and when he killed it made him think of all his problems and struggles in his life. He lacked to set or achieve long term goals and was also exceedingly impulsive.

    • I agree, because of his low self esteem issues and because he had a lot of issues when he was little. I think with all that happened it made him want to kill.

  10. I believe the man is an organized killer because he preferred his weapon to be a large knife. Also he committed the crimes in different states. Lastly, he blended in with everyone else and he stated “They blend right in just like you, like me. They’re like everybody.”

  11. I think he is a disorganized killer. He is a disorganized killer because he showed low self-esteem and was called impulsive. When he killed the men he showed low self-esteem by thinking of his father.

  12. I believe that he was an organized killer. First, he was a trouble maker as a kid in school. Also, he had a good relationships with women since he was married at one point. So his pre-offence was when they separated. He put a lot of planning into these murders. He would leave the cars or any of the burglary he made at the crime scene. Lastly, he was never got caught for a year.

  13. I believe that this person is an organized killer because he was married to his wife for 3 years, he was a troublemaker in school, he lives a distance from the crime although he lives by himself and he carries a weapon with him.

  14. I think he is a disorganized killer for many reasons. First of all he had low self-esteem, he thought nobody cared for him.Then he had previous crimes like pointing at his wife with a gun. Lastly he was living by himself because of the attempt he try with his wife. These are my reasons why I think he is a disorganized killer.

  15. I think that he is a disorganised killer because it says his mood was axious, also he had traumas from the past because of how his father treated him. Also he uses whatever he can a as a weapon witch means he doesn’t have a weapon of his own. He has a low self-esteem and doesn’t have much contact with women.

    • I agree with Karla that he is a disorganized killer because he had an anxious mood, he had traumas from basically his whole life which motivated him to commit crime

  16. I believe that this criminal can be classified as an disorganized criminal because first he didn’t have good relation with women due to the bad experience he had in his marriage. Second he had low self-esteem, and had too much internal anger because of his bad childhood. Finally he leaves the body on the crime scene.

  17. The subject was disorganized because his victims were ages ranging from 8-55 majority were females but did kill some males in which he killed anybody. The subject also in personality had a lot of anger in which he admitted to and has a low self-esteem. Last but not least he did commit these homocides in his neighborhoods in which he was most likely familiar with due to the fact that he lived a nomadic life so he thought he could get away with it since nobody knew him.

  18. I think this killer is organize because the people he killed are murder in different states.He was also organize by killing people with his large knife, instead of using a loud gun.This killer is organize because as been a kid he been into bad steps.For example he was a trouble maker when he was a kid.

  19. I believe he was a disorganized killer. He wasn’t very calculated with his crimes and often impulsive when carrying out a crime. Another example is that he wasn’t very confident with people. The victims he chose were not specific or distinctively chosen before hand.

  20. I think the subject is an organized killer because he was a troublemaker at school growing up. He also fled the city after the last two crimes. His weapon of chose was a large knife, he felt it made him a more efficient “killing machine”. He chooses his victims based on the people who once hurt him, like his wife and his father, who abused him.

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