Period 3 – Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 Key Theory Discussion Board

Writing Prompt

Having read over the Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 Which of the seven key theories on why we commit crime would best explain his behavior? Think about your answer and make sure you have three specific pieces of evidence to back it up. Once you have reached your conclusion click on “Leave a Comment” below and type your academic paragraph style response.

44 thoughts on “Period 3 – Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 Key Theory Discussion Board

  1. Social Disorganization Theory
    Evidence- 1. His father was abusive 2. His teacher held him back in school 3. He didnt feel good enough

    • i agree with your analysis because of the evidence you have supported. i also believe that might of been the reasons he acted the way he did. his upbringing was unstable causing him to act the way he acts because of the way he grew up and also because that also might be the reason for his self esteem cause he doesn’t feel good enough.

  2. He was raised in an abusive home, which gave him no self confidence. After being held back in school, divorced and discharged from the army he became mad at the world. Then he started killing.

  3. My theory is the social disorganization theory. First, he was always put down by his father and his teacher held him back while all of the other kids got to move forward. Second, he was treated so poorly that, as a result, he showed belligerent behavior, low self-esteem, and he had a stormy marriage. Also, he committed crimes and served multiple sentences in prison. Finally, he used illicit drugs and was arrested for the possession of marijuana.

    • I agree with you because the killer was put down when he was little. Another reason i agree with you is he used drugs and had low self-esteem.

  4. My theory is the social disorganization theory. My first evidence for this theory is because it was the way he was taught by his teacher and his father. The second piece of evidence is that the way he was treated it caused him to have belligerent behavior. The final evidence that I have is that in the article it said that” he had a stormy marriage, committed crimes, went to prison, and was also talking illicit drugs.

  5. I believe this case is a social disorganization. I give it this theory because when he was younger his father would verbally and physically beat him. another reason why i give it this theory is cause due to the abuse he received when he was young he was emotionally hurt cause of it causing him to get discharged from the military work he was doing. My final reason why i give this theory is cause he had a bitter divorce from his wife after he threaten her with a shotgun to her head.

  6. I believe that the murderer made his decision to kill people because he probobly felt like no one cared about him. His dad would always treat him like crap so if I was in his shoes I would be angry and unhappy with my life. So I understand that he committed these crimes because of the surrounding he was in and how people was treating him. In addition I think that he did these killings but he felt like he had nothing to lose. Also I think that he probobly had anger problems that would result in a killing. I think he kills people jus for the joy. He is a careless murderer. It doesn’t matter about the age to him because he killed a 8 year old.

  7. I firmly believe that Social Disorganization Theory would best explain his behavior.
    1. His father always put him down.
    2. His father abused him physically and verbally .
    3. He got generally discharged from the military due to immature personality.
    4. Low self-esteem after he figured our he had to repeat the third grade.

  8. i think the theory is social organization evidence to support is for one when he was a kid his father physically and emotionally hurt him so he had nothing to turn to and second because he was married he was around someone when they got divorced he was emotionally broken thats why he had hate for women. Third his body wasnt really there beacuse he was off drugs uncounted of that he was probably seeing and hearing things to make him do things he did.

    • I agree with you because when he was a kid his father did hurt him which I believe why its a social disorganization theory.

  9. social disorganization is the cause of why he did these crimes. when he was younger he would get abused from his father. which caused him to have mental problems.

  10. I think he killed those people because of his father. His father would verbally and physically abuse him. I also think it was because of his low self-esteem. He has a bad history with woman because his three year marriage was stormy and involved his wife to put a shot gun on her head. They also ended in a divorce which now makes him hate all woman. This is a Social Disorganization Theory which is caused by a person’s physical or social environments that are a bit responsible for the persons decisions.

  11. I believe that the key theory for the case would be social disorganization theory. The subject came from a home where his father frequently verbally and physically abused him which resulted in him having a very low self esteem and an aggreessive behavior. He was held back in the third grade because of that. Also, when he was doing his service in the military he also showed an immature personality. This was all caused because of his life at home.

  12. I think that they’re are two theories to match this case . Biology,Genetics, and Evolution because the man was physically and mentally abused as a child which messes up your mind and the way you think . He left high school at 16 years old and went to the army and was discharged after 19 months for being underlying immature . I also think it can be strain theory because , He was abused as a child from his father, discharged from the military, and divorced from his wife . he needed something to take out all his anger .

  13. I think social disorganization theory because he never really had a specific type of person to kill he just went for anybody. He had a bad past with his father and wife. He never cleaned up after himself her just fled the scene which makes him unorganized and messy. He dropped out of school and was arrested a couple of times for possession of drugs. So the things he did made him kinda suspicious and led him to all these murders. Even though he confessed he is still unorganized the way i see it.

  14. I think the suspect’s reasoning behind his crimes were because of the Social Disorganization Theory. I came to this conclusion because his father abused him and he had a low self esteem from the constant put downs like getting held back from the third grade. He was generously discharged from the military because he had am ‘underlying immature personality’. Lastly another reason i think that has to do with his actions was getting a divorce from his wife which made him bitter and a hatred towards women.

    • I agree with you because his living environment is what caused his actions. Had he been treated better, he would have had a better self-esteem and he would have had more confidence in himself.

  15. He became very bitter because of his past.By time going by he started to do crime because of his past effecting him!The reason of why he is doing this and being so cruel and choosing to do crimes going to prison for his crimes is starting from his stormy divorce!!

  16. After reading the case I would say the best theory for why he did this is Social Disorganization. I chose this theory because he grew up in an unstable home. His father always verbally & physically abused him. That made him feel like he was worthless. Coming home everyday to a father who is always beating him down probably made him a little crazy. He never knew how to treat a girl by seeing how his dad was with his mom. Which is why he mistreated his wife & had her a gun point. Lastly, since his dad was crazy he probably got exposure to drugs at a young age. So that made him turn to marijuana. When he did those murders he most likely imagined the men as his father & the women as his wife. This is why I believe it was the Social Disorganization theory.

  17. I think he commit homicides because of his social disorganization. He suffered of abused by his father which might of make him believe it was right to hurt others. He was raise with a father who commit crime so he just follow he steps . I think he commit to those crimes because of where hes from.

  18. I believe Social Disorganization Theory is why he committed the crime he committed. Out of the three pieces of evidence i believe one of them was that when he younger his father physically and verbally abused him which caused him to build up anger. The second piece of evidence is when he was in elementary school he had a “belligerent” behavior which caused him to retake third grade. Lastly, the third of evidence is he got recommended for a general discharge for having a “underlying immature personality.” That’s why i believe Social Disorganization Theory is why he committed those crimes.

    • i agree with you because i believe thats where most of his issues derived from. His dad, getting held back, and getting discharged from the military, caused him to be very impulsive and insecure.

  19. his behavior is the best example of social learning theory. After he was discharged from the military and after his divorced he started commiting crimes. In his case it says he was very coning and manipulative he might of developed the skills for this due to his time in the military; he also believed he was a very succesful killer himself. Also because of how they treated him in prison that might of made him believe that the way he was behaving wasn’t his fault

  20. I believe that the social disorganization theory is what best explains his behavior. His background and the environment he was raised in are what I believe lead to him being so violent. It all can be traced back to his childhood and the abuse he received from his father on a daily basis. This followed him for the rest of his life whether it was having low self esteem or being discharged from the military for being soft. The killer admitted that his desire to kill was to exact revenge that he suffered throughout his life.

  21. I believe he has social disorganization theory. His dad would bully him when he was younger, and when he did grow older his wife left him. I believe that had a huge impact on him. I also I think that he would do drugs to try to forget about all the bad moments he had. Most psychopaths, usually think they’re reliving the crime so that’s makes them want to have an urge to kill again.

  22. I think this is a Social Disorganization Theory.
    1) He came from a father he would physically abuse him. He also didn’t have a healthy relationship with his wife, which he had threatened putting a shotgun to her head. They divorced and when that happen he had an intense hatred against women.
    2) The victims he had killed were mostly women, could it be because of his hatred against women? He was extremely impulsive. His behavior lead him to committing murders, burglaries, armed robberies, etc.
    3) He later confessed to some of the murders, but demonstrated little
    convincing remorse. His limited efforts to express shame and regret were superficial and largely directed outward, indicating that his repentance was more for having been caught than for any feeling of empathy for his victims.
    4) He believed he was successful as a killer because he could assimilate easily into society, while embracing his own unique, rage-filled view of the world, without others suspecting he could commit such crimes. He stated, ‘‘People like me are … right on the fringe of society. They blend right in just like you, like me. They’re like everybody.’

  23. My theory is this guy was abused by his father since he was young and nobody notice him or the signs of abuse so he felt alone in the world. When he was 16 he dropped out of high school because he felt he could do good to make up for all the bad in his life but he was mentally and physically unstable so they gave him a honorable discharge he felt they didn’t care for him either. So he got married when that failed he started doing drugs , committing crimes , and going to jail. This man has a lot of pain in his heart from the abusive childhood he lived so he found people like his father and ex wife and murdered them.

  24. Introductory Homicide case #1
    The white male that had committed these homicides in case #1 in my opinion was the theory of social disorganization. The white male had an unstable up bringing in which social disorganization consists and clearly states that environments in which “unstable” is an environment causes behavioral choices. The subject was also verbally and physically abused. The theory also states that the subjects physical environment also causes behavioral choices. “He reported that his choice of this weapon was derived from his desire to exact revenge for the pain and suffering he had endured throughout his life, at the hands of his ex-wife, his parents, and law enforcement and correctional personnel” this confession of the subject clearly states why he went and murdered and all other crimes he committed. Social disorganization theory has everything to do with physical and social environments in which he states are all in my opinion environments.

  25. I think that the theory that best fits this case is the “Social Disorganization Theory”. I think this one fits because what he does is influenced on how his father mistreated him. Also his marriage was a bad experience and from that he begun to hate women. I think that when he kills someone he thinks he is killing his father or his wife. This is why i think this theory best fits the case.

    • I agree because his father treated bad and he also had a bad marriage which caused him to feel hate toward people and kill them.

  26. I believe that the “Social Disorganization Theory” best describes the behavior and coincides with the circumstances that the criminal went trough and that motivated him to commit so many crimes. For example, since he was little his father would put him down every day, and then he had a really bad marriage that had a big impact on his life and made him had resent against his father and feel hate toward women.All these stuff made him kill innocent people.

  27. The reason why this killer committed his murders was because of the way life is for him.For example his ex wife and his dad abusing him.Murders are committed for many reasons.

  28. The reasons why this man murders eight people was because of the way his life was. One of this reasons was that his ex wife and his dad abusing him.

  29. I think the theory that best fits would be both biology,genetics,and evolution and also social learning theory.The environment that he was raised in wasn’t in the best living position he was always put down by his father which made him the person he came to be and plus he struggled both mentally and physically.

  30. I believe Social Learning Theory is the reason why he is committing all of these crimes. When he was younger his dad would abuse him in anyway. After he found out that he was going to repeat the third grade he started to have a bad behavior. I think all the crimes that he has committed are because of his father. plus he did drugs, there can be many reasons why he killed people. When him and his wife got a divorce, he began to have a strong hatred towards women.

  31. I firmly believe that he is organized because some of his murders we premeditated he peeked in some of his victims windows at night so he knew which houses to break into during the night . Instead of him staying close to where he murdered his last two victims he fled so that also shows that he is organized and that almost everything was premeditated before he committed the crime.

  32. i think he is organized because he uses his own weapon, he was a troublemaker in school, and he lives a distance from the murders.

  33. Classification Of Offenders

    I think he was disorganized because of the way he was, not taking to women, not keeping up with the latest reports. He kept is self esteem on the low. He probably was all messed up in his head because of his father abusing him when he was a kid. I think he also had that mentality of committing murder because his father could of been like that and was just trying to be like him.

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