Period 2 – Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 Organized/Disorganized Discussion Board

Writing Prompt:

Read over the  Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 and use the Organized vs Disorganized Killers Chart to determine if he is primarily an organized or disorganized killer. When you are ready click on “Leave a Comment” below and write an academic paragraph style response. Remember to first state what type of killer you think he is and then back it up by citing three specific pieces of evidence.

43 thoughts on “Period 2 – Introductory Homicide Case Study #1 Organized/Disorganized Discussion Board

  1. He is showing signs of social disorganization. Meaning he really is a disorganized killer. Some reasons is that he ended up doing all this from the way his father was treating him from day one. Always verbally and physically abusing him, causing him to have low self-esteem and causing the bad behavior in school

  2. the physical and social enviroments. alot of people commit crime because of how they grew up and where they grew up. if they grew up in an area where it is a lot of crime and hang with people that do it, you tend to start doing it too.

  3. I primarily think he was an organized murder because he didn’t get caught for his murder . He fled free & started stealing cars , robbing , & he got caught for marijuana. Not murder , but he confessed to those murder . So he actually didn’t get caught he codes see & turned himself in . It makes him an organize murder.

  4. I think he was a disorganized killer, even if he may show signs that he could be an organized killer, but if you review the case and the chart you’ll be able to see that most of the things he’s doing connects to being an disorganized killer.

    • I disagree because he didn’t get caught with his murders . He confessed to it . So that actually makes him really well organized. Even if he developes symptoms sometimes. But other then that , not getting caught for murder after 55 people. It actually makes him really well organized.

  5. organized killer because he would commit the crime and move around and not stay in the same spot.And he was a trouble maker at school.He had a history of problems.He had a wife but then he put a shotgun to her head and the marriage ended bitter.Also discharged form the military.

  6. I believe he is a disorganized killer because in his killings he was disorganized and he did what a disorganized killer does.

    • I disagree because he’s an organized killer based on the chart . He carries a weapon with him, a disorganized killer would use weapon of opportunity. He was also precipitated by the breakup of a partner.

    • I agree due to the chart and how the killer has more disorganized characteristics than the organized characteristics.

  7. The detailed text has many examples of the killer being disorganized, with his personality, childhood,victims, crime scene,relationship with women, and his pre-offence. I fairly think that the killer is disorganized due to his victims being anyone from age 8 to 55. The killer had low self-esteem due to an abusive childhood, however organized due to being disruptive in elementary school. As a final example, his relationship with women is highly disorganized because of his extreme hatred for women due to his marriage, that ended in a very bitter divorce.

  8. Organized killer. Horrible past with his father and a high school dropout. Also i believe he is an organized killer because in his killings were organized like what a organized killer would do

    • I disagree because he aimed a gun at his wife’s head which makes him a bit less trusted by the police if he was to ever be in custody from suspicions. second reason i disagree is because he recently went through a divorce.. my last reason is because he lives alone and has a bad past with a women

  9. He was an disorganized killer because he showed more attributes like he doesn’t stage the murder,has a bad relationship with women ,and has a low self-esteem.

  10. Based on this chart I think that the subject is a organized killer. According to the homicide case it says that he started killing at the age of 35 and killed eight white victims. Out of the eight victim three were males and five were females. The ages of the victims were the ages between 8-55 years old. Five out the eight victims were college students. Some of these murders occurred in four separated incidents over a nine-month period.

  11. In my opinion he is primarily a disorganized killer because he didn’t really have a specific type of person to kill he killed anybody he wanted, also he wasn’t the best in school because it says he had to repeat the 3rd grade which would result in his classmates not really remembering him, and lastly he probably wouldn’t talk to women as much because of the hatred he developed from the bad divorce he had years prior.

  12. i think he is a disorganized killer because he dropped out of school so not many people might know him. another reason is because he hated woman and so do disorganized killer. my last reason is because he had a very low self -esteem because of his father mistreating him.

  13. We believe that he is an organized killer. The police didn’t catch him for 9 months. He fled to places and choose his weapons wisely. He also told interviewers that he would prowled around frequently at night, which invovled breaking into the victim’s homes.

  14. I think he was a disorganized killer. he had no preference in gender. he left school, showing that he most likely had no friends, and would flee the scenes of his crimes.

  15. He shows more signs of a disorganized killer. He wasn’t good with women as you can see because of his divorce, and he had very low self-esteem. He wouldn’t clean up his mess and would just flee the scene and move somewhere else thinking he was safe when really he wasn’t. He had later confessed to his murders.

  16. I think , he transferred the bodies .The killer was very really organized . He planned everything very well . He knew excalty what he was doing .

    • I disagree because no where in the article it says that he moved the bodies but it does say that he fled the scene of his last two murders meaning that you can assume that he left the bodies there. I do partially agree the his murders were planned somewhat but not fully.

  17. The Killer was an organized killer. He planned the murders and was successful. He knew what he was doing and how to do it.

  18. I think he’s a an organized killer. He carries a large knife, a disorganized killer would uses weapon of opportunity. Also he showed belligerent behavior and low self esteem during his childhood. He fled the area and was precipitated by the divorce.

  19. The killer was disorganized because he aimed a gun at his wife’s head,he had a horrible past…he was bad in school which could lead cops to believe that he is the killer if he was ever getting questioned.

  20. Based on the chart I think that the killer is a organized killer. According to the homicide case he started to kill at the age 35 and killed 8 white victims.

    • i agree that he is an organized killer .another reason i think he is organized is because he moved around alot and blended in with people.

    • i disagree with you because he did many things a unorganized killer does and he got caught and was in prison a few times.

  21. i believe the killer was organized for the main reason that although none of his killings were planned he still managed to escape.

  22. I believe he was a disorganized killer because of his self esteem issues and being mentally and physically unstable.

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