Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (6-2-2015)

Criminal Behavior Header


Final Exam Prep

Today’s Objective:

Today students will understand the format of the Criminal Behavior final exam.


Task #1 – We will be going through the resources posted below in order to understand the format and grading method used for the final exam in this class.

Final Exam Study Material:

Downloadable PDF ->7 Key Theories on Why We Commit Crime

Downloadable PDF ->Organized vs Disorganized Killer Chart

Downloadable PDF ->Psychiatric Disorders Associated with Criminal Behavior (V2)

Final Exam Psychological Examination Format and Grading Rubrics:

Downloadable PDF ->Psychological Evaluation Final Exam Template

Downloadable PDF ->PsychEval – Victor Yang Ungraded Example – We are going to look at an ungraded example from a student from 2014 to see how he filled it out well and what he could have done better.

Downloadable PDF ->Psychological Evaluation Student Developed Point Rubric

Downloadable PDF ->Psychological Evaluation Final Exam Teacher Grading Sheet