Period 3 – U.S. History Lesson Plan (5-26-2015)

U.S. History Header 2Topic:

Communism vs Capitalism. Introduction to the Cold War.


The Cold War

Today’s Objective:

Students will gain a basic understanding of the fundamental differences between Russia and the United states in 1946.


Task #1 – Grab a piece of copy paper from the bookcase and fold it into a basic four square pattern. We will be going throught the funamental differences in government styles (Communism vs Capitalism) and economic styles (Socialism vs Capitalism) between the U.S. and Russia.

Student Work Results: Communism vs capitalism

Task #2 – Introduction to the Cold War notes

Downloadable PDF -> The Cold War Notes


This homework will be due this Friday (5-29-2015).

Downloadable PDF -> Cold War Discussion Questions


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