Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (5-21-2015)

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Genocide since the 20th century



Today’s Objective:

Students will examine the various genocides that have taken place since the 20th century.


Task #1 – We will set up a Cornell note style note paper.

Task #2 – Students will develop the essential question

Student results – ” How has genocide impacted the world and which country has committed the greatest atrocity?”

Task #3 – Introduction to various genocides and video clips from documentarians seeking to examine these events.

Task #4 – Debrief on genocides discussed today.

Turkey – Killed 1 million Armenians during WWI

Japan – Killed millions across Asia during WWII

Russia – Killed 8 million

Germany – Killed 6 million Jewish

China – Killed 30 million under Chairman Mao

Ruwanda – Killed 800,000 Tutsi

Other regions: Bosnia, Darfur, and the Congo.