Period 3 – U.S. History Lesson Plans (5-15-2015)

U.S. History Header 2DIRECTIONS:

Today you will be dealing with more war time ethical dilemmas that came up in World War II. For each of the ethical dilemmas make sure you do each of the following seven steps.

Step 1.What is the ethical issue or problem?
Step 2.Who are the interested parties?
Step 3.What facts must be considered?
Step 4.What are the values involved?
Step 5.What are your options? List at least three. For each option consider the following questions:
•What are the best-case and worse-case scenarios if you choose this option?
• Will anyone be harmed by this decision? If so, how will they be harmed?
Step 6. Make a decision. Consider the following questions:
• Is the good brought about by your decision outweighed by the potential harm that might be done?
• Will this decision produce the greatest good (or the least amount of harm) for the greatest number of people?
• Are you choosing an option that gives priority to that which boosts the human spirit? Why or why not?
• Are you willing to make your decision a rule, policy, or precedent that you and others in your situation can follow in similar situations in the future?
Step 7. Be prepared to defend your decision.


Would you charge into battle and follow orders if you knew you would die?


Would you let a civilian go free, if it meant they would give away your position to the enemy?


Would you give up your country if it would save yourself?


Would you target enemies for assassination, if it meant there would be innocent civilian casualties?


If you received orders to fire nuclear weapons, would you follow them?


If assailants were firing at you from a crowd of civilians, would you fire back?


Would you risk the lives of many men, to save the life of a single man?


Would you report fellow soldiers that had committed war crimes?

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