Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (5-13-2015)

I want you to use today as well to get ready for your projects that are due on Friday. There will be no excuse to not be ready to present. If you are having a problem please e-mail or if you do not have internet have a friend e-mail me. I still have my work e-mail tied to my phone and will try to get back to you as fast as possible. Remember you are to  List the five main problems we identified with the juvenile justice below and then develop solutions to these problems that address the problems. The five main problems are listed below along with your options again.

Directions: All projects must address the five problems we have identified, clarify them, and propose solutions to the problem.
1. Relapse Rates
–Juveniles have high relapse rates
2. Suicide Rates
–more and more juveniles are attempting suicide
3. Unfair punishments
–juveniles who are arrested with an adult are being more harshly punished from the case studies we have seen.
4. Co locating juvenile offenders with adults
–Some facilities are housing juvenile offenders with adult inmates or housing these two groups at the same facility.
5. Restricted/ lack of rehab programs
– due to financial restrictions some facilities can’t offer programs to their inmates or due to the juveniles length of time being served they are denied entrance into some programs.

1. Tri-Fold Board (partners allowed)
– If you chose the Tri-Fold Board you are opting to display the problems, graphical analysis (data), and proposed solutions based on research. This is also a good way to show appropriate images as well.
– This option may be modified to serve other purposes based on teacher approval.
2. Interview
(partners allowed)
– Someone who has a connection to the prison system or law enforcement.
– You will be asking them about the five main problems and recording their responses as to what they think about the problem and if they have any idea for solutions.
– It is recommended that if you choose to interview someone you interview at least two people so you can see various viewpoints.
3. Essay (NO partners allowed)
– If you choose the essay you will be doing the same thing as the tri fold, but you are opting to write a five paragraph academic paper addressing the problems, clarifying them, and proposing solutions based on research.
4. 3D model Prison Design
(partners allowed)
– Some are faulting the design and procedures of prisons with being the cause of the five main problems. In this option you can design a 3D model of how a prison designed to house adults and juveniles should look in order to decrease interaction and influence.
– You must attach a form or key to the prison design stating the five main identified problems and how this design reduces or solves the problem.
– Attach a list of procedures for how your staff will handle the inmates, transfer them, feed them, provide services, and how the staff will dress.


Juvenile Justice Summative Project. Due – May 15th, 2015

Downloadable PDF Directions -> Summative Projects for Juvenile Justice