Period 3 – U.S. History Lesson Plan (5-12-2015)

The events below are about Germany in the 1940s. You have not gone over this information yet in my class, but you have gone over it in World History. Therefore you can intelligently answer the questions below and do the writing activity. Feel free to use each other and available technology to complete today’s assignment.

Discussion Questions, Part II:
The Holocaust
1. What reasons did the Nazis give for their anti-Semitic ideas?
2. A German-Jewish poet is quoted as saying, “Where one burns books, one will, in the end, burn people.” Explain what is meant by this quote. Do you agree or disagree with this analogy?
3. Since you have studied U.S. history, can you name some ways in which the Nürnberg Laws and Jim Crow laws were similar?
4. What impact did Kristallnacht have on the psyche of the Jewish community?
5. Describe some of the other victims of the Holocaust. Who were they, and why do you think Hitler chose them along with the Jews?
6. In what ways did Jews resist the terror of the Nazi soldiers?
7. The Einsatzgruppen were responsible for the death of over a million Jews.Why do you think these soldiers were able to carry out these orders, even to the point of killing innocent Jewish children?
9. How did ordinary people help save Jews, and what were some of their storiesand motivations?
10. Jewish survivors have chosen the phrases “Never forget” and “Never again” as mottoes for remembering the Holocaust. Why do you think they chose these phrases, and do you think it is important that we never forget the

Writing Prompts:
1. Pretend you are a European living during World War II. Write a first-person account of the events you witnessed during the war.

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