Period 3 – U.S. History Lesson Plan (5-11-2015)

We have finished the 1920s and 1930s. We will be moving into World War II. The events below are about Germany in the 1930s. You have not gone over this information yet in my class, but you have gone over it in World History. Therefore you can intelligently answer the questions below and write the letter. Feel free to use each other and available technology to complete today’s assignment.

Discussion Questions, Part I:
Hitler and the Origins of the Holocaust
1. What aspects of Hitler’s early life might have influenced how he conducted himself as the chancellor of Germany?
2. What factors caused the rapid growth of the Nazi Party in the 1920s? Why were the Nazis so successful at acquiring political power?
3. What events during the first days of Hitler’s rise to power might have foreshadowed what eventually happened to the Jews during World War II?
4. What were the characteristics of 1930s Germany that led to rise of the Nazi Party?
5. Hitler is notorious for his use of political propaganda. Why do you think he was so successful at this?
6.  What events in the mid-1930s led to Hitler’s Third Reich becoming a principal European power?
7. Britannica’s biography of Hitler says there was an “unnatural” coalition  between Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill. Why is it characterized this way?

Writing Prompts:
1.  Write a letter to Hitler detailing your thoughts on his policies. Make sure you include references to his political ideology.

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