Period 3 – U.S. History Lesson Plan (4-27-2015)

Today your photo essays are due. The substitute will make a list of the people who have their essays ready to turn in. YOU WILL NOT be turning your essays to the substitute. They will be just making a list for me of who was ready on time. If you have already e-mailed me your essay you are fine. This list will only be for those who have made a hard copy ready to turn in.

Today you will be writing paragraph responses to five of the nine questions below. You may choose the five you would like to do. Please number your responses so I know which questions you chose. You do not have to answer them in any particular order.

  1. On July 28, 1914 The Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia. What accounted for diplomats, statesmen and monarchs quickly losing control of the events from June 28 to August 4 1914?
  2. Many historians say that there was “The Excitement of War” prior to the outbreak of World War One that resulted in an enthusiastic response both individually and collectively. Why was there such a response? And what happened that demystified this response?
  3. World War I has often been described as an “unnecessary war.” Why? Do you agree?
  4. Consider the role of diplomacy in World War I. How was it a positive influence? How was it a negative one?
  5. What is trench warfare, and why was so much of World War I dominated by this method of fighting? Consider such elements as technology, strategy, attitudes of leaders, and any other factors you can think of. How did trench warfare affect the duration of the war?
  6. After the war, Germany was punished much more severely than were the remnants of Austria-Hungary. Do you think this was reasonable? In your answer, consider the roles each country shared in starting and escalating the war. Also consider the roles of Serbia and Russia.
  7. How did the use of new technologies during World War I influence the war? Which sides benefited the most from which technologies? Did any of them play a role in either lengthening or in shortening the war? Which technologies were the most important?
  8. Discuss the U.S. policy on American troops serving in Europe during World War I. Why do you think American commanders would be hesitant to allow U.S. soldiers to serve in British and French regiments? What effect did this policy have on America’s relations with the other Allied countries?
  9. What was the Schlieffen Plan and why was it unsuccessful during World War I?

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