Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (4-16-2015)

Criminal Behavior HeaderTopic:

Application of Killer Behavioral Analysis Knowledge


Serial Killers

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to behaviorally analyze a killer without teacher’s assistance with 80% accuracy in 4 of 5 trials.

Today’s Objective:

Students will be comparing and contrasting the last four cases that we have looked at for similarities and differences in these killers mentalities.

Behavioral Norms (Student Developed):

  1. “Respect others opinions”- Selena (20 votes)
  2. “Staying on task” – Israel /Ally/Kenny ( 21 votes)
  3. “Only one person is allowed to talk at a time” – Charles (22 votes)
  4. “If you feel like you are going to lose control or getting irritated you need to let Mr. Tyler know and stand outside his door” – Tyler (23 votes)


One-on-One Murder, Modus-Operandi, signature, characteristics, antecedent behavior


Teacher’s Note – Today I will be with the other U.S. History teachers in Academic Conferences up in “A” building.

Lesson Plan – While I am gone today I want you to grab a piece of copy paper from off the bookcase from the front of the room. You will be using the paper horizontally. Put your name in the top right hand corner. You will be making and filling out a four way Venn diagram to compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the four cases we have recently looked at.

Case 1 – Heriberto “Eddie” Seda (zip guns)

Case 2 – Stacy Castor (Poisoning)

Case 3 – Mark Hoffman (bombs)

Case 4 – Charles Manson (Disciples)

Example of the 4 way Venn Diagram:

Four Way Venn Diagram


Serial Killer/ Mass Murderer Project –  This project is due 4-17-2015. In case you have forgotten who you chose the sign up sheet is scanned and attached below.

Downloadable File ->  Instructions for Serial Killer Project (V3)

Downloadable File -> Serial Killer Essay Explanation

Downloadable File -> Period 1 – Criminal Behavior – Killer sign up sheet (Apr 2, 2015)