Period 3 – U.S. History Lesson Plan (4-7-2015)

U.S. History Header 2Unit:

Unit #1 – A Nation is Born / Unit #2 – Imperialism and Progressivism

Chapter #3 – The Birth of Modern America (1877 – 1900)

Section #3 – Immigration/Urbanization

Section #4 – Early Reforms in a Gilded Age

Chapter #5 – The Progressive Movement

Section #1 – The Roots of Progressivism

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to examine the changing patterns of immigration from the 19th through the 20th centuries,  consider the challenges and contributions of immigrants, and analyze the “push” and “pull” influences of immigration (i.e. economic factors, advertising, political oppression, belief in social mobility) to 80% in 3 of 4 trials.

Today’s Objective:

Students will be introduced to what muckrackers were doing during the early 1900s as well as introduced to Theodore Roosevelt and how he changed the presidency.

Behavioral Norms (Student Developed):

1.  “Only one person talks at a time” – Noah  (23 votes – approved)

2. “Respect others opinions/ideas” – Rob (31 votes – approved)

3. “Stay on task” – Andrea ( 27 votes – approved)


Task #1 – Quick Quiz – “What was occuring at the federal government level from 1900 – 1920? Why was it occuring so much?”

Task #2 – We are going to be reviewing the DBQ questions from Friday.

Downloadable File -> DBQ – Progressive Movement

Task #3 – Quick look over the Summer of 1900

Downloadable File -> In the summer of 1900

Task #4 – Read through the Jungle Excerpt

Downloadable File -> Jungle Excerpt

Task #5 – Who were the MuckRackers?

Downloadable File -> Muckrakers Chart

Task #6 – Look over the introductory lecture to see what we have covered thus far to make sure that nothing has been left out.

Downloadable File -> U.S. History Notes – America’s Gilded Age (1877-1900)

Task #7 – Introduction to Theodore Roosevelt

Video Link -> A&E Biography of Theodore Roosevelt

Downloadable File -> TR Video Worksheet


Read the following text article and outline the information. An example of an outline is also available below for download. DO NOT print the article off. The point of doing reading online is to save ink and paper.

Downloadable Reading -> Progressive Presidents Reading

If the downloadable version fails use the web version by clicking HERE

Downloadable Outline Example -> Progressive Presidents Outline



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