Period 3 – U.S. History Honors Lesson Plan (3-17-2015)

U.S. History Header 2Unit:

Unit #1 – A Nation is Born / Unit #2 – Imperialism and Progressivism

Chapter #3 – The Birth of Modern America (1877 – 1900)

Section #3 – Immigration/Urbanization

Section #4 – Early Reforms in a Gilded Age

Chapter #5 – The Progressive Movement

Section #1 – The Roots of Progressivism

Unit S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

Students will be able to examine the changing patterns of immigration from the 19th through the 20th centuries,  consider the challenges and contributions of immigrants, and analyze the “push” and “pull” influences of immigration (i.e. economic factors, advertising, political oppression, belief in social mobility) to 80% in 3 of 4 trials.

Today’s Objective:

Students will gain an understanding of corporate structure and the conditions of working immigrants during the Progressive Age.

Behavioral Norms (Student Developed):

1.  “Only one person talks at a time” – Noah  (23 votes – approved)

2. “Respect others opinions/ideas” – Rob (31 votes – approved)

3. “Stay on task” – Andrea ( 27 votes – approved)


Task #1 – Recap of the information we learned on Immigration in the United states from the late 1800s to the present. Are we good?

Task #2 – Now we will move into looking into the business world at the time of the late 1800s and life in America. The life that immigrants were surrounded by.

Downloadable File #1 -> U.S. History Notes – America’s Gilded Age (1877-1900)

Downloadabel File #2 -> Economics Course Piece – Business Organizations

Task #3 – We have now gotten a peak at corporate life in the United States during the late 1800s. Lets jump forward to 2015 and see how things are looking today with corporate life and the life that immigrants that come to here in 2015 America. The way we will do this is to look at a social experiment conducted by Morgan Spurlock.

Video Segment  – 30 Days on Minimum Wage

Downloadable Questions -> 30 Days – Minimum Wage Questions

Task #4 – Having seen a recent experiment to live on minimum wage I want you to write up an academic paragraph explaining your position on if minimum wage should be increased or not. Or should it be removed entirely? If we have time lets do a quick pro/con analysis on if we should increase it or not

Website -> Minimum Wage by State (2015)

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