Period 1 – Criminal Behavior Lesson Plans (3-13-2015)

Criminal Behavior Header

Note from Mr. Tyler – 

I left you an article from Fortune Magazine on the top 5 criminal organizations on the planet as of 2013. I want you to take a copy of this article to have. Feel free to highlight it and underline as necessary. After reading the article do the tasks below.

Link to Article -> Fortune Magazine – Top 5 Organized Crime Groups in the World

Task #1 – 

Chart the information from the article on the chart below. Click/Tap to enlarge image.

Criminal Behavior - Organized Crime Graph

Task #2 – 

Now write a reactionary paragraph to the article you just read. Which group of the five you read about sounds the most dangerous? Why? Explain your reasoning. Which do you think is the largest? Why? Explain your reasoning. Who is the most influential on the planet? Why? Explain your reasoning.