Period 3 – U.S. History Lesson Plans (3-9-2015)

U.S. History Header 2

Note from Mr. Tyler – 

My wife and I just had our first baby. I need to stay home today to help her. Below are the directions for the summative essay on the civil war unit. Since I have to be gone today this will be a good day to start this assignment in class. I want this assignment done by Friday March 13, 2015.

Assignment #1 –

Main Question (Essential Question)

How did the Civil War change America? Are the roots of conflict beginning to show again? (Ex: State of Jefferson & Texas’s repeated threats of secession)

Directions: You are to answer the main question in an essay form. You are expected to intelligently write a five paragraph essay with evidence addressing the main question. Using the information that was presented in class.

Assignment #2 –

Focus Questions

Directions: For each Focus Question below you are to write one academic paragraph response. That means claim supported by evidence.

Was the Civil War (CW) a war for national supremacy, to end slavery, or another reason?
What parts of society were involved in the CW? And how?
How was the CW fought?
How were civilians affected by the CW? What were the roles of slaves, free blacks, and women?
How were battles fought?
Who were the central figures during the CW?
How did artists depict the CW? (Photographers, political cartoonists, etc.)
What were the key battles?
How did both sides motivate support for the war? (Positive and negative)
What was the outcome of the Civil War?

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